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Natalia accidentally killed Kristina’s unborn baby ABC General Hospital Spoilers

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that Natalia clearly hates Christina. Natalia’s daughter Blaze is dating Christina, and of course, Natalia is not satisfied with the relationship. She thinks that Christina will ruin Blaze’s future. Blaze is a celebrity, so her homosexual relationship cannot be revealed. Christina is also a surrogate for Molly and TJ. It can be seen that Christina’s life is quite complicated. Natalia was just afraid that her daughter would be swept up in these troubles.

The only thing that makes Natalia respect Christina more is because Christina is Sunny’s daughter, whom Natalia has an interest in. Sunny is a powerful man in Port Charles. Christina and Natalia had a fierce argument when Natalia asked Christina to break up with Blaze. Natalia is indeed a bit unreasonable in interfering too much in Blaze and Christina’s relationship. Blaze is also not a kid for Natalia to have to manage so closely. Christina is a stubborn girl; she definitely didn’t agree to that.

Christina and Blaze’s relationship is going very well; they truly love each other. So why would Natalia be so unreasonable that she wants Christina to break up with Blaze? This made Natalia understand that she needed to take action. Poor Christina. Natalia cannot use words alone; she had to have some kind of warning to make Christina realize the seriousness of the problem. Natalia might get into a fight with Christina, who’s 7 months pregnant. Remember that this pregnancy is very important for Christina, Molly, and TJ. Molly and TJ had lost a baby before, so they were extremely looking forward to the baby’s birth.

But Natalia was probably too angry to pay attention to the fact that Christina was pregnant. She and Christina still get into fights with each other. This caused Christina to fall down the stairs, a miscarriage. Even though the pregnancy was large, it still had a miscarriage because Christina fell down quite hard. She’s in extreme pain and despair. Natalia was frightened; she didn’t mean to want anything to happen to the baby in Christina’s womb. Natalia, of course, does not want to harm a small creature. Natalia will be in big trouble because Christina is Sunny’s daughter. So Sunny will definitely not forgive Natalia.

Sunny loves Christina very much. The same goes for Christina; she always defends Sunny every time someone says bad things about him. How could Sunny not love a girl who understands things like that? There are rumors that Natalia will go to jail because of her mistakes. The two sides could still have arranged to reconcile, but Sunny insisted he wants Natalia to go to jail to make up for the trauma his daughter has gone through. As a result, Natalia couldn’t get Christina to leave Blaze, and she got herself into big trouble.

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