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Finn is really going to die, what happened? ABC General Hospital Spoilers

The General Hospital spoilers reveal that actor Michael E has finally confirmed that he’ll be leaving General Hospital and his character Finn will be killed off. Michael E has been with the show for many years, and now that he’s leaving, there’s a lot of regret. The character of Finn is also having quite a bit of a storyline; he was devastated after Gregory’s death, and everyone was still waiting for Finn to come to his senses. Fans are also very curious about why Michael Easton left General Hospital, but Michael Easton refused to reveal the cause. So there’s only one question left that everyone’s wondering: how will Finn die?

Currently, Finn is still haunted by his father’s death. He often drinks alcohol. The important issue is that Finn had a history of alcoholism in the past, so now things could get worse if Finn continues to indulge. Everyone around him gave him a lot of advice. Chase, Liz, and Brooke all hoped that Finn could cheer up, but to no avail. Liz was also disappointed with Finn and decided to break up with him. It’s possible that Finn will become depressed and commit suicide after breaking up with Liz. Gregory and Liz are both very important people to Finn; however, they left Finn one by one, so he no longer had faith in life.

Finn’s death will circle around his alcoholism problem because once you’re not alert, you can make many mistakes. Finn is a doctor, but he really doesn’t care about his safety. He drinks so much alcohol that he is no longer conscious but still drove the vehicle. Finn could also have a serious traffic accident after drinking, causing him to lose his life. This possibility is also very likely because Finn often drinks alcohol to the point of losing consciousness. He may drive the vehicle too fast, causing him to be unable to handle the situation in time.

His death will be heartbreaking for everyone. Additionally, Finn could have been mistakenly shot when he was near Sonny, and the assassin was targeting Sonny. Sonny already has many enemies who always look for opportunities to assassinate him. No matter how talented he is, he can’t guard against all enemies, and Finn was talking to Sonny at that time. Finn doesn’t have any grudges against too many people, of course. No one would want to kill Finn. Unfortunately for Finn, the assassin aimed to shoot at Sonny but hit Finn. Finn will die unjustly in the most unfortunate way. His passing will certainly make everyone very sad. Sonny is also at fault for implicating Finn. If Finn hadn’t been near Sonny at the time, maybe Finn wouldn’t have died so unjustly.

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