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Blue Blood Fans REVEAL What They HATE From The Show..

“From predictable storylines to racial stereotypes and even some of the most overly dramatic characters, here are all the things that even the die-hard fans of Blue Bloods hate about the show. Oh my God, he let the guy Walsh right in, and I have it on tape. What aren’t you understanding here?”

Starting with the most important yet annoying one: predictable storylines. I mean, I understand that shows like these gotta follow a set pattern, but the plots of most episodes are a bit too predictable for some fans. In fact, it’s said that because the episodes are so similar, most people can easily figure out what the show is about without even watching it. And yeah, each member of the Reagan family does have their story arc, but it’s pretty rare to see them step outside of their personal or professional comfort zones.

And it’s not just them. Most of the criminals in the show have similar reasons for doing what they do, and most detectives solve cases in the same way week after week. I’m not kidding, that gets boring and repetitive sometimes. What’s more, well, some viewers think that the writers may sometimes rely too much on the tried and true format, which makes the stories feel sort of old. For instance, there was this one IMDb reviewer who suggested that the episodes could use some new voices on the writing team because they’re all pretty much the same. Which, to be honest, they weren’t wrong about.

And you know what? Every long-running show needs a break every once in a while, and I know for a fact that I’d love the show a million times more if some of the stories went in a different direction. But, well, at least it’s not as annoying as self-righteousness.

It is a good old-fashioned “lead the five o’clock news” perp walk, Frank. Hang on a minute. There’s a thin line between having a strong sense of right and wrong and thinking you know the best way to act in the world. And throughout the series, some of the Reagans cross that line a little too often.

I think Danny is an unquestionably dedicated detective, but I understand his righteous actions can irritate fans a lot. In fact, one Reddit user said that his always-right hunches were pretty annoying, and that the detective should sometimes be wrong. They also pointed out that if he’s trying to do the right thing, he rarely gets in trouble for his actions, no matter how unethical they are. And he’s always quick to explain why he thinks and acts the way he does, and the series shows him to be right over and over again.

But it’s not just him. And no backseat driving, especially from you. What is that supposed to mean? Oh, you forgot about the time when you dented the back of Dad’s car by backing into your ex-boyfriend’s car.

Many fans have the same problem with his younger brother, Jamie. Can you believe some people started a thread called “Jamie’s moral righteousness has hit next level”? They went on to say that the young police officer’s “I’m better than you” attitude makes him hard to like, and that this attitude gets worse with each season. He can easily be Danny’s voice of reason, but his constant preaching also turns off a lot of fans.

Although as much as fans get irked by this, this next thing became a reason why some fans left the show: improbable family dinners. And you didn’t comp up the evidence. It’s a gift. I don’t understand.

Every episode has an elaborate family dinner scene, and that’s one of the most well-known parts of the show. It’s when Henry gets the whole family together for a Sunday night feast, where they relax, catch up, and talk about what’s been going on in their lives. There are sometimes people from outside the family at the meals, but most of the time it’s just the core group. Also, did you know the family dinners are so well known that the Blue Bloods cookbook, written by actress Bridget Moynihan and the wife of the show’s executive producer Leonard Goldberg, was published by MacMillan Publishers? That’s so cool, though, right?

Yeah, but in long overdue recognition, Detective Reagan will now receive this medal for valor. But anywho, even though these family dinners are popular, some fans don’t like them because they’re too idealistic and predictable. Apparently, someone always has something deep to say at meals, and fans find it super annoying. Honestly, I get it. The dinners are often used to show the moral of the episode, which can be off-putting to some viewers. Want to know something funny? Tom Selleck doesn’t like the family dinners either. In 2019, the actor told Cinema Blend that he hates filming these scenes because the actors have to eat the same food over and over again for up to eight hours. Guys, I could never.

Although a few things were outright wrong, and I wasn’t surprised when people started having a problem with it because the show followed some racial stereotypes. The way the media sometimes shows how police treat minorities is a touchy subject, and TV shows and movies have now made it a common theme. But that’s not always such a good idea. Laura Hudson says that the show tends to show people who speak out against the police as evil, manipulative, or dishonest, and many of these people are minorities.

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