General Hospital

Shocker – Carly discovers a terrible secret ABC General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Sam and Spinelli worked together to find out what leverage the FBI had on Jason to make him comply. Jason, operating in the Underworld, had no desire to be entangled with the FBI or police, yet Jagger managed to coerce him, revealing his vulnerabilities. Sam understood Jason’s tendency to keep secrets to protect others, but knew he wasn’t selfish. Unable to directly ask Jason, Sam took it upon herself to investigate. With Spinelli’s hacking skills, they accessed the FBI database, confirming Jason’s submission to protect Carly from RICO charges. Sam was dismayed by Jason’s sacrifices for Carly, who remained unaware of his silent struggles.

When Sam finally disclosed the truth to Carly, she realized the extent of Jason’s sacrifices. Though Carly trusted Jason despite doubts from others, she never anticipated the magnitude of his sacrifices. Despite their platonic relationship, Jason endured injustice to shield Carly from harm. Feeling guilty, Carly resolved to turn herself in for the RICO charges, refusing to let Jason suffer further for her sake. This decision mirrored her past mistake of allowing Jason to bear the consequences of her actions.

Meanwhile, Sam’s actions led to her arrest for hacking into the FBI’s network. Jason, saddened and likely angered by the revelation, realized that Sam and Spinelli had acted independently, disregarding his feelings and nullifying his efforts.

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