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Eva Larue as Natalia says goodbye to GH’s lovers – General Hospital Cast

Eva laru is a new face who appeared on the show for a short time but her acting Talent left a deep impression on fans as Natalia mother of blae AKA Allison from the moment she arrived in Port Charles Natalia showed that she was not exactly a pleasant mother on the contrary she likes to control and interfere in her daughter’s life and career and now the mother also prevents her daughter from falling in love with a homosexual named Christina while the town’s people have largely embraced the couple with Open Hearts

and open minds Natalia staunchly opposes their love with entrenched in her traditional and narrow views on same-sex relationships she adamantly refuses to accept blae and Christine as Bond also she is convinced that Blaze’s career as a public figure would suffer irreparably if the truth about her romance were to come to light what she doesn’t know that this outdated perspective of hers is the cause of Blaze’s singing career decline her deep-seated prejudices were recorded during a recent conversation between her and Ava Avery’s mother will use it to expose Natalia’s true colors in front of Sunny who considers her a sincere friend you know Sunny is a father who loves his children endlessly he does not allow anyone to insult or bully them his mental state has been abnormal since using fake bipolar medication so many people believe that Natalia will receive an even more Bitter End than that by him I mean the boss could even shoot her dead in a moment of not being able to control his emotions in addition when the recording was revealed blae may choose to sever ties with her mother both personally and professionally leaving natal isolated in a town where she once held influence whatever the case evalu will soon have to leave PC

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