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Nina receives news that shocks her ABC General Hospital Spoilers

The General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew is running for Congressman. Moving from a businessman to the political field will certainly not be easy; however, Drew has Larry Makoni helping him a lot. Larry Makoni was also the person who guided Drew to follow the political path. Drew feels his life is flourishing. Little does he know that just a few months ago, Drew was a prisoner, but now he’s about to become a figure admired by many people.

Drew will run in the upcoming election, and he also has solid economic potential, so he can meet all the requirements of the election. However, during this crucial moment, Nina discovered she was pregnant. Nah wouldn’t tell this to Drew right away. She reached out to Makoni. Nah knows that Drew is listening to Makoni very much now, so she thinks it’d be better for Makoni to decide this matter.

Just as Nina thought, Makoni had a plan right away when Nah revealed her pregnancy. Makoni will think that this is a good opportunity for Drew to show that he has a happy family, so Drew will receive even more support from everyone. So, Makoni will want Nah to keep the child and at the same time marry Drew.

Drew doesn’t love Nina. Drew has been quite lonely, so he had sex with Nina. He assumed it was a passing relationship, but given the current situation, he’s willing to marry her to strengthen his image. The upcoming election is important to him. He’ll follow Mak’s arrangements to get the best results.

Meanwhile, Nah is hesitant. She just divorced Sonny not long ago. Now, if she quickly marries Drew, she’ll definitely receive a lot of gossip, so Nah will refuse. This is not the right time for her to marry Drew. Drew tries to convince Nah; maybe he can make a deal to turn over the entire Crimson newsroom to Nah. Nah is inherently a very greedy person; perhaps because of that, Drew wants to use Crimson to set conditions with Nah.

Crimson is a place that Nah really loves; she was already passionate about this job, and now she’s up for the opportunity to own it. There’s nothing better. JW is a man of trust, so he’ll definitely keep his promise. But if Nah agrees, she herself must prepare herself for many upcoming turbulences. Nah will be severely criticized when she changes her mind too quickly. Will Nah be convinced by this lucrative deal?

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