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GH Weekly Spoiler for Tuesday, 5-21-2024 || Dex loses his ability to see? Kristina’s shock

Sunny’s sudden outbursts instill fear in those around him. Carly Spencer insists that his loss of control is due to problems with his bipolar disease treatment. On Tuesday, Carly convinces him to get a blood test, but Sunny claims he still takes his medicine regularly and there’s nothing to worry about. However, Sunny himself may not realize how intimidating he is.

Jason understands that having a normal conversation with his old boss is impossible, so instead of advising him, Jason decides to investigate what kind of medication Sunny is using. Viewers anticipate Carly and Jason discovering that Sunny’s meds are fake.

Ava, who knows the truth, is left with little hope after Dex’s betrayal. Dex feels uneasy about Sunny’s actions, but Joss reminds him that it’s what Sunny usually does to people he hates. Anna will soon be updated on the wedding events and encourages Dex to report Sunny to the authorities.

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Meanwhile, Christina is still reeling from her father’s aggression. Thanks to Blaze’s intervention, she receives timely medical attention, preventing long-term effects on the baby. Despite always being proud of her father, Christina’s faith in him is shaken. TJ comforts her and reminds her to rest for the baby’s sake.

Elsewhere, Sunny seeks Dante’s help as he faces legal trouble due to a fight. Dante is torn between siding with his father or fulfilling his duties as a police officer. Filial piety and fairness weigh heavily on Dante’s mind, leading him to confide in Sam.

Alexis and Diane prepare for their plan, with Alexis aspiring to resume her path to becoming a lawyer. While it won’t be easy, with Diane’s talent, they believe they can find a way to succeed.

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