General Hospital

GH 5-17-2024 || ABC General Hospital Spoilers Friday, May 17

The General Hospital spoilers reveal that Eva will meet nah. She apologizes for trying to fool nah before she confesses that she has feelings for Sunny and hopes that Nina can accept this. However, nah reacted extremely angrily when she learned her best friend liked Sunny and had been lying. She felt betrayed, their longtime friendship was broken. Nina felt hurt and strongly objected to Ava keeping her feelings for Sunny secret. She can’t accept deception. The betrayal makes Nina lose trust in everyone around her, and she’s facing a feeling of loneliness and confusion. Ava feels remorseful about hurting Nina, but she truly loves Sunny. What will Nina do after knowing the truth?

Meanwhile, Ava’s betrayal causes a deep wound in Nina’s heart. She feels hurt and distrustful and can’t seem to forgive Ava. Nina decides not to accept that Ava loves Sunny and is certain that the friendship between the two is no more. However, can that change when Eva values love more than friendship? Eva has been faced with a choice between love and friendship, and she may choose to follow her heart’s path even though Nina is not forgiving. Ava may still want to be with Sunny. The complicated relationship will face many challenges after this. Eva may be willing to sacrifice her relationship with Nina to be with Sunny, but does Sunny want to be with Nina? Will Ava’s choice make her regret it later? What will Nina do to get revenge on Eva?

Besides, Danny wanted Jason to attend Brook’s wedding, but Jason decided against it. He was worried that Danny seeing him so often would make Sam uncomfortable. However, Danny feels he’s grown up and can make his own decision. The boy thought he could not let his mother manage meaning his father. Jason wanted to listen to Sam’s opinion and didn’t want to cause her any trouble. Meanwhile, Danny feels his desire to meet his father grow stronger and doesn’t want to be restrained. Although Jason wanted to protect his family from turmoil, Danny also felt he had a right to see both of his parents. Jason wants the best for his family, but he faces a difficult decision about how to protect and support each other without hurting anyone. Will Jason, Sam, and Danny be able to handle this well? How will things turn out?

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