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Danny is killed at Brook’s wedding – Jason vows revenge ABC General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers revealed that John had just received confidential information that people from the Pikeman group were planning to carry out an attack on Brook and Chase’s wedding. The information is very vague; it’s unclear who the specific target is at the wedding, but John has a strong hunch that Sonny will be the one targeted. John immediately began thinking about safety measures to protect everyone at the wedding, especially Sonny. He knows that the Pikeman group is famous for its cruel actions and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. John understood that time was running out and he had to act quickly. He also decided to warn Brook and Chase, especially Sonny, so they could prepare themselves and take precautions.

Who will the Pikeman group attack on this day? Can John protect everyone? What will happen? Meanwhile, even though John hates Sonny, it’s his job to protect him. Therefore, John planned to arrange for Jason to attend Brook and Chase’s wedding party. John understands that no matter what personal feelings are, responsibility and duty must always come first. Jason, coming from the Quartermaine family, will definitely want to be there to protect his family and Sonny. John believes that with Jason’s skills, he’ll be the most suitable person to ensure safety at the wedding. Jason’s presence will be important. John knew that Jason would not hesitate to stand up to protect his loved ones, even if it was Sonny.

John’s plan is to keep information about the threat from the Pikeman’s secret while strengthening the underground security force around the wedding area. He had carefully prepared for every situation, determined not to let anyone get hurt on Brook and Chase’s happy day. Will John and Jason keep everyone safe, or will something unexpected happen?

However, it seems the assassin’s target is Danny, Jason’s son. During a chaotic moment, Danny is shot and seriously injured. Jason is extremely hurt and angry. He understands that the Pikeman group wants revenge, and attacking Danny is a clear message. Jason hugged Danny, tried to stay calm, and quickly took his son to the hospital. He was filled with regret. John then realized the serious situation and quickly directed security forces to ensure everyone’s safety and arrest the attackers. Will Danny overcome the danger? Danny will probably die after the attack. This bad news made Jason crazy. The pain of losing his son made him unable to control himself. Now his son had become an innocent victim of war that Jason never wanted to be part of.

John is also extremely regretful. He understood Jason’s pain and felt responsible. He knows that apologies cannot compensate for the pain that Jason’s enduring. John told himself he had to do something to atone. Jason is determined to destroy the Pikeman Corporation, not only to avenge Danny but to ensure that no one else has to endure the same pain. John also decided to fight with Jason to the end. Can they successfully take revenge?

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