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After witnessing Gregory’s exit, Cody is honest with Mac – General Hospital Updates

Fans were met with a mix of emotions as beloved actor John York made a heartwarming return to the screen as Mac Max Scorpio after a hiatus due to serious health issues. His triumphant comeback was announced on the show’s official Instagram account, much to the delight of viewers who had been eagerly awaiting his appearance.

The storyline surrounding Max’s character arc, particularly his relationship with Cody, is poised to take center stage as the loved actor steps back into the role with renewed vigor and passion. The revelation that Cody is actually his biological son, a truth that Mac himself remains unaware of, adds complexity to the dynamic between them, as well as the ripple effects of the horse herder’s initial deception about his identity, left Felicia’s lover feeling disappointed.

Regardless, the young gun’s evolving relationship with Stasha, a key player in his life, has showcased his capacity for growth and transformation. Sasha’s influence on Cody has brought out a softer, more compassionate side of him, highlighting the redemptive power of love and human connection. More than once, she advised him to be honest with his father, but he chose to stay silent. Still, Chase and Brooklyn’s wedding will make Cody change his mind. The joyous occasion is overshadowed by the looming specter of Gregory’s declining health, particularly his battle with ALS.

It’s not hard to imagine the father collapsing the moment the couple said their vows to each other. Gregory will then be transferred to the emergency room, but his family members also need to be ready for the worst that can happen, which is that Violet’s grandfather will pass away. As Cody witnesses the fragility of fate, he is forced to take a second look at the fact that he should tell Mac about their father-son relationship as soon as possible. The fear of losing the opportunity to reconcile with his biological father propels him to take decisive action, setting the stage for a potentially life-changing revelation that will test the bonds of family and forgiveness. Stay tuned as the saga of Mac, Cody, and their shared legacy unfolds with grace.

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