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Tom Selleck Fans Are Seriously WORRIED.. Here’s Why

From rumors of him contracting an incurable disease to questions about the future of Blue Bloods, here’s why Tom Selleck fans are feeling uneasy. Remember that suave detective we all admired in Magnum PI or the guy who made us envious of Monica with his role as Richard Burke in Friends? Well, rumors are swirling that he’s in the midst of a serious health crisis.

According to reports, Selleck has contracted some mysterious incurable disease, and his health is in pretty bad shape. This news has his fans on the edge of their seats. It’s never easy to hear that your favorite celeb is facing health issues, especially given that Selleck is almost 80. The speculation started back in February 2019 when the National Enquirer claimed that Selleck was grappling with an incurable illness while filming Blue Bloods. The situation allegedly got so bad that the show had to bring in a stunt double to save the day.

While many actors rely on skilled stunt doubles, Selleck is part of a rare breed who prefers to do most of his own stunts. However, this commitment to authenticity may have come at a price. In an interview with CBS, Selleck opened up about the toll these daring feats have taken on his body. He admitted, “My back’s kinda messed up.”

About a year after these rumors surfaced, The Inquirer struck again with even juicier details, suggesting that Selleck was battling crippling arthritis and resorting to steroids to ease the pain. They even claimed he was experiencing vision loss. OK magazine jumped in, alleging breathing troubles on set and the need for frequent breaks.

Fans started coming up with wild theories, some blaming the demands of the show, while others questioned if it was truly the end of the Selleck era. Despite fan concerns, Selleck remained silent, fueling the rumors even more.

Globe magazine added fuel to the fire, claiming Selleck’s limp was due to him piling on a whopping 100 pounds. Still, Selleck never addressed these rumors directly, even omitting any mention of them in his 2019 memoir.

However, some believe the rumors should be put to rest as Selleck appeared in all seasons of Blue Bloods since the news started circulating. He’s looked perfectly normal doing so, appearing in over 70 episodes. If he were dealing with serious health issues, wouldn’t he have stepped away by now?

Selleck’s dedication to staying active and healthy is evident. He tends to his sprawling ranch in sunny California, planting trees and embracing physical labor as his exercise of choice. He credits his relationships and his beloved ranch as anchors keeping him grounded.

Despite uncertainties about Blue Bloods’ future, including its renewal status, Selleck and the cast worked hard to secure another season, even agreeing to pay cuts. Selleck himself expressed willingness to return for more seasons, showing his dedication to the show and his fans.

So, while rumors may swirl, Selleck’s actions speak louder than words. As fans eagerly await news of Blue Bloods’ return, one thing is certain: Selleck’s commitment to his health and his craft remains unwavering.

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