Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods Cast REVEAL Why They HATE The Show..

From some insane behind-the-scenes drama to weird plotlines on the show that the cast weren’t huge fans of, here’s the real reason why the Blue Bloods cast hates the show. One would think that the on-screen drama would be enough, but you best believe [Music] it extends behind the scenes. Though the show has gained a lot of popularity—I mean, with 13 seasons in and a renewal for the 14th, they must be doing something right—there seems to be more bad blood than blue blood where the cast is concerned.

Some of the actors were let go, and some decided to leave on their own, but it wasn’t smooth sailing, and they had a lot to say about it. As the plot progressed on the drug heist, Steve’s going to an event, we recovered refined tooth comb as you can Prince, and we should hear something this afternoon.

Amy Carlson’s exit left everyone utterly shocked. She had been there since season one, and although her character became one of the main leads by the time she reached season five, there’s no denying that she stuck with them for a long time. And she was disappointed by the way they cut her off, to say the least. Her seven-year contract ended with them, and while she decided to not remain on the show, the way the writers just killed her character off so abruptly in a helicopter crash was something no one was prepared for. She wasn’t given any farewell episode; it was like a side thing barely addressed in the show. Donnie Wahlberg’s character is shown to be visiting her grave. The fans and cast members were both outraged.

Her goodbye note to the fans has almost 1.1 million views, with countless retweets from them about how unfair they found the whole thing. She even admitted in an interview with Deadline that she had no clue as to why the writers did that, and if it were up to her, it wouldn’t have turned out this way. Ouch. She wasn’t even asked to come back just to shoot a farewell scene at the start of season 8. Her co-actor Donnie also mentioned that he missed her, and when he cried about her death on the show, they were real tears for a friend.

This isn’t even the worst of it. As it turns out, the CBS Network’s representative lied about Jennifer Esposito’s departure. According to the statement released, she left the show of her own will, which turned out to be false. There was only a limited amount of time she could give them, and as it wasn’t matching the idea that the writers had in mind for her character, what put the network under fire was when she decided to call them out on social media. What had happened was that the actress was diagnosed with celiac disease, and she wasn’t able to give her full time to the show because of the routine prescribed to her by her doctor. Because of the seriousness of the whole thing, the show even stopped paying her because they thought she was lying to them, thinking that she was doing all of this to get a pay raise, as she had asked for one before.

It gets worse because she told Fox News that they also banned her from working anywhere else, which is a low blow, if I’m being honest. Obviously, all this ill-treatment led to her ultimately leaving the show. She said the injustice made her sick to think that people can behave like this when it comes to someone becoming ill. CBS never made any clarifications about what she tweeted; neither did they acknowledge such a thing ever having happened. Needless to say, it was very disgusting behavior on the network’s part. When she was replaced by the actor Megan Boone, Esposito was enraged and called the cast and crew racists. She said that they just needed an excuse to push out the only minority cast just so they could have an all-white cast. It didn’t do anything to the network or the show, but did result in her career spiraling from there on out. She hasn’t been cast in any prominent roles ever since, except for Amazon’s The Boys.


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