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Save Blue Bloods Petition Gains Traction Amid Tom Selleck’s One-Man War with CBS

Neither fans nor stars of the show are willing to give up so easily.

It’s been almost half a year since CBS announced Blue Bloods cancelation after Season 14, but the righteous fury of the TV show’s stars and fans is still burning as strongly as back in December 2023. While the actors are doing their part with public statements, viewers have their own way of pressuring the network: for the past six months, they’ve been collecting signatures on an online petition to CBS.

#SaveBlueBloods Petition Going Strong

In December 2023, one Alex Bogue, an avid Blue Bloods fan, launched a petition on Not even a day had passed when Bogue was already at it, spreading the good word and gathering fan support to make sure CBS hears their voices.

“It was mere moments ago when us fans got the news that Blue Bloods was getting axed after 14 seasons. While it has been on for a long time, it still has so much to offer and explore. Spread this everywhere! Use the hashtag #SaveBlueBloods. Let your voices be heard,” Bogue wrote.

While the petition sure took its sweet time to take off: during the first month and a half, Bogue didn’t even manage to collect 900 signatures. But the tides have turned, and the past four months brought the petition to over 28,400 signatures already! It seems like, despite some fans being vocal about Blue Bloods having run its course, the majority is still rooting for the series’ continuation.

Save Blue Bloods Petition Gains Traction Amid Tom Selleck's One-Man War with CBS - image 1

Tom Selleck Wages His Own War Against CBS

Blue Bloods fans make their feelings about the abrupt cancellation clear, but they’re not the only ones. The show’s actors are also making public movies against the decision, with lead star Tom Selleck being the most furious warrior. The Frank Reagan star has gone on record dozens of times since the announcement, claiming that Blue Bloods is still going strong and CBS should “come to their senses.”

The network’s representatives have acknowledged both these oppositions but remained adamant. Blue Bloods is still ending with Season 14, but at least, there’s a silver lining we only recently learned about: apparently, Paramount wants a spin-off.

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