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Blue Bloods’ Potential Spinoff Must Continue 1 Beloved Original Series Tradition

If CBS orders a Blue Bloods spinoff, the new series must keep one tradition going that the original series popularized. For fourteen seasons, the Tom Selleck-led drama has dominated Friday nights, and it owes its popularity in part to its unique blend of cop and family drama. Every episode features the members of the Reagan clan butting heads over policy and procedure but ultimately coming together as a family, and this emphasis on family as a top priority has helped the series stand out in a sea of police procedurals.

CBS confirmed that Blue Bloods is ending in December 2024 despite its popularity. A massive fan-led campaign to save the series was not enough to move the needle with decision-makers at the network, and Blue Bloods season 14 has only eight episodes left before the series leaves the airwaves for good. However, recently Paramount executives indicated that there might be a Blue Bloods spinoff in the workswhich would keep the franchise going and help ease the pain of losing this top-rated show if it is written properly.

A Blue Bloods Spinoff Would Make Up For The Series Ending This Year

A Spinoff Would Keep the Reagan Family and Their Traditions Alive

Although Tom Selleck stated that he was still hoping for a reversal of CBS’ cancelation decision, the chances of Blue Bloods continuing in its present form are slim. CBS’ 2024-25 schedule has been released and lists Blue Bloods as ending in December 2024, to be replaced by the newest season of SWAT in the spring of 2025. Thus, a potential spinoff is welcome news even though it is not the same as green-lighting a 15th season of the original series. The spinoff would keep some aspects of the series on-screen, especially if some fan-favorite characters are included.

Considering Blue Bloods’ popularity and CBS’ inability to afford its high price tag, a spinoff is the best compromise possible. The spinoff could be a slimmed-down version of the original series that focuses on one or two characters, features different characters in each episode, or features new characters and situations that are related to the original Reagans. However the spinoff looks, it is important that it maintain the original series’ focus on family values as this aspect made it unique among crime dramas and contributed to Blue Bloods’ popularity.

Blue Bloods’ Potential Spinoff Must Continue The Original’s Family Dinner Tradition

Keeping This Tradition Alive Would Demonstrate Commitment to Family Values

The Reagan family at dinner in Blue Bloods season 1

The Sunday family dinner is closely associated with Blue Bloods, so keeping this tradition intact in the spinoff would clearly identify it as a member of the same franchise. Continuing the family dinner tradition would also help bolster the spinoff’s reputation as a new police drama that continues to make family its backbone. Doing so would elevate the new series above other police procedurals and signify its intention to continue blending police and family drama, making it attractive to those viewers who enjoy family-oriented shows.

The spinoff could continue this tradition regardless of its premise. If the new series focuses on a family other than the Reagans, adding a new family dinner tradition candemonstrate that the new family has the same values that made Blue Bloods such a hit. If the spinoff is linked to the characters from the original series, the family dinner tradition becomes even more important to maintain because the Reagans have done so for 14 seasons.

The Reagan Family Dinner Was The Most Iconic Part of Blue Bloods

In Fourteen Seasons, The Series Never Skipped It

The Reagan family eating dinner in Blue Bloods

The family dinner was a priority for the series, although Blue Bloods season 14 hurt the show’s legacy by using the scenes mostly as a two-minute epilogue to each episode instead of integrating them into the main action. Nevertheless, Blue Bloods made the family scenes a priority and never aired an episode that didn’t include them. In many episodes, the Reagan family said Grace before dinner, cementing their legacy not only as people who put their family first but as a religious Catholic family. That said, Blue Bloods didn’t include prayer at the family dinner as much in later years.

If CBS does green-light a spinoff to ease the heartbreak of saying goodbye to this series, it’s vital that the spinoff continues its legacy of putting family first by including a similar family dinner scene in every episode.

Putting such a high priority on the family eating together made Blue Bloods stand out. It is not only unusual for a cop drama to include these types of scenes, but it had also become a rarity on the TV landscape altogether to feature family drama by the time the first half of the final season aired. If CBS does green-light a spinoff to ease the heartbreak of saying goodbye to this series, it’s vital that the spinoff continue this legacy of putting family first by including a similar family dinner scene in every episode.

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