Blue Bloods

Why did Tom Selleck change scene for Abigail Hawk in Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods Season 10 premiered in September 2019. Each season has 22 episodes, but Season 10 ended in Episode 19 due to production being halted during the COVID-19 pandemic. But thankfully, Season 11 of Blue Bloods premiered on December 4, 2020. Nikki and Regina Thomas rejoined the show. For over 10 years, Blue Bloods has been protecting New York City from a family affair.

The series follows the Reagan family, and nearly all members are involved with law enforcement. Tom Selleck plays the patriarch, Frank Reagan, a police commissioner, while his children work as a surgeon, detective, and assistant district attorney. Abigail Hawke portrays Detective Abigail Baker in the series. Abigail spends more time with Tom than any other cast member on Blue Bloods. Abigail remains a loyal ally to Frank and the rest of Reagan’s family.

Tom Selleck rewrote a scene when Abigail was unable to shoot a scene. She has been working on the CBS series Blue Bloods for a decade. While filming Blue Bloods, she got pregnant, so she ended up going into labor with a second son in the middle of the show. Thereafter, she couldn’t be on the set. Abigail told the outlet that Tom rewrote a scene about her delivery. The actress was happy to chip in and make the scene work with Abigail while giving birth to her second son.

She was very thankful for the production team who understands and supports her while she was pregnant. Season 11 of Blue Bloods will be different from the previous seasons. While filming Blue Blood Season 11, the series has gone through a massive undertaking, shooting around COVID-19 restrictions. Sources reported that Blue Blood Season 11 will only have 16 episodes. Fans will be happy to see more stories with their favorite characters in the new season.

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