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Why Blue Bloods Season 15 Could Make a Victorious Comeback?

CBS might reverse its decision of canceling Blue Bloods. CBS is currently airing the first part of Blue Bloods season 14 and fans are loving the show. However, CBS has already announced that this season 14 will be the last season of Blue Bloods, which many fans aren’t ready to accept. In fact, many cast members also don’t want this series to end. Is there still hope that Blue Bloods will get renewed? We have some strong points to prove that CBS might reverse its decision.

Blue Bloods is the highest-rated show. One strong reason CBS could still change its decision to cancel the show is its strong rating. The show has been loved by fans a lot, and the show’s rating is topnotch, which gives an advantage to the show.

Blue Blood stars want the show to continue. There is no doubt that fans want the show to get renewed. Many fans have started hashtag #saveBlueBloods on social media and writing letters and emails to CBS to change the decision. In addition, Blue Blood stars also don’t want the show to end, which is an added advantage to the show.

There is still a long time before the show ends. We all know that the show will air the second part of season 14 in December 2024. The first part of the show is about to end, and there is a long gap in between, so CBS might give a second thought to their decision and finally listen to the requests of millions of viewers worldwide.

CBS has uncancelled shows before. Many might not know, but there is a record that CBS has changed its decision in the past. Shows like Kagney Lacy and SWAT were ready to be cancelled, but CBS later changed its decision and continued with the show when many viewers made requests to them. So, it leaves us hope that the same thing could happen to Blue Bloods as well. However, despite all these strong points, the decision still lies entirely in CBS’s hands. In most cases, CBS doesn’t change its decision when it announces the show’s cancellation, so CBS might stick to their decision and make this season the last one.

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