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Daez Is Closer Than Ever, but Blue Bloods Fans Have Mixed Responses

The last Blue Bloods episode revealed that after all these years, Danny and Baez will finally get together. The reception of this turn of events is… Conflicted.


  • Blue Bloods has long been teasing the potential romantic relationship between Danny Reagan and Maria Baez.
  • In Season 14 Episode 8, there was a clear indication that Daez will get together before this season’s finale.
  • Blue Bloods fans are divided on the topic, with equally many people happy for the couple and hating this development.

Danny Reagan has always been one of the most controversial Blue Bloods characters in many regards, loved just as much as hated. From his professional ethics and attitude to his self-inflicted solitude and private life, fans are strongly divided — and the most recent update on one of the show’s most anticipated couples has only added the fuel to the already devastating flame of arguments.

Danny and Baez to Finally Get Together

Just like it was with Jackie Curatola, Danny Reagan’s new partner Maria Baez became an immediate ship in the eyes of many fans. The two have a unique and special relationship, but they haven’t gone anywhere romantically… Yet. For some fans, this stalling has been a source of frustration; for others, a source of relief.

Either way, the latest episode clearly signaled that the status quo’s about to change.

Season 14 Episode 8 aka Wicked Games featured a very touching and revealing dialogue between Danny and Maria: they talked about his sitting in the car outside of her house and not coming in. “Maybe next time, just come in,” Baez said. “Maybe next time, I will,” Danny replied, and they smiled warmly at each other.

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If that wasn’t the most blatant tell-tale of their upcoming relationship, we don’t know what could be — especially after their previous car talk after Jackie’s latest leave.

Blue Bloods Fans Aren’t Entirely for Daez

As usual, fans didn’t have a solid and unanimous response to this new development. For some, it teased a long and much-anticipated relationship finally coming up; for others, it was an annoying and lazy decision by the writers team. No in-between!

There are many comments claiming that as detective partners and close friends, Danny and Maria “should never be romantic partners” — and just as many others, stating that they can’t way for this couple to finally get “their happy ending.” Perhaps, this one person being confused with their own feelings and thoughts is the perfect illustration of how fans are taking the Daez endgame so far.

“I agree that the possible pairing of Danny and Baez would be cliched, obvious, and taking the easy way out—and I don’t want to like it! But… I do like it and want it to happen. They know each other very well and for quite a long time—so they know each other’s strong and weak points, [and much more than that],” Reddit user PansyOHara wrote.

We say, just give them a happily ever after; they deserve it. But also, we do understand why it would feel lazy… Look, we also have mixed feelings, okay?

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