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Sister Wives: Leaked Paperwork Reveal That The Browns Can’t Build Residential Homes On Coyote Pass!

Kody Brown and his plural family have been a part of TLC for more than a decade. They star in the popular show Sister Wives and have come a long way since then. A lot has changed in a few years as well. For instance, the polygamist is only married to Robyn, as Christine, Janelle, and Meri left after dealing with lots of injustices for many years.

The family had also purchased some land in Arizona in an area by the name of Coyote Pass. They had big plans to build over there and live as a large family. But all of this was the case before the wives had not decided to leave him. A new update in this scenario has revealed that neither of the main castmates will be able to build over there to live! Here’s Why:

Sister Wives: Kody & His Wives Aren’t Allowed To Live On Coyote Pass! What’s Next?

Kody and his dynamics concerning his plural family and four wives made for great television. But things changed drastically in the past few seasons of Sister Wives. At first, it was Christine who left the polygamist and soon Janelle and Meri followed. Once they were a family, they had purchased some land in Coyote Pass and wanted to live there.

As per the latest update, Kody and Janelle paid off all the dues. Meri and Robyn also have some share in Coyote Pass while Christine gave her portion to the former polygamist. As per a popular reality TV fan page, WithoutACrystalBall, they had procured some documents regarding the property. It had some shocking reveals.

Sister Wives

One of the points said that Sister Wives castmates won’t be able to use the land for personal and residential use. But Kody and his spouses can use it for investment and commercial purposes by building a rental or Bnbs. This was alarming as the family would always talk about living at Coyote Pass during the show proving that they wanted to use the land for this.

After this reveal, there is a lot of frenzy in the Sister Wives fanbase. Neither of the castmates have also shed light on this matter, especially Janelle Brown. Fans saw her struggle a lot when she tried to push the family to start building their and they had no intentions to do that as of yet. Hence, Coyote Pass has continued to remain barren up till now even in 2024.

Sister Wives: Kody Wants To Sell Coyote Pass?

Kody and his happily family from once upon a time ago decided to purchase some land in Arizona. They all had a vision and wanted to live close by one another. In fact, the polygamist earlier wanted to build one big home for all four of his wives and they were against the idea and wanted privacy. So, they resorted to dividing the lot into separate parcels.


It must be 2018 when the Browns decided to pool in their money to buy Coyote Pass. We’re well within 2024 now and there has been no development in the area in terms of construction. So, there has been a buzz that Kody may end up selling the entire land afterall. But there is no updates about how Janelle feels about all this.

Janelle was the only one who wanted to live in Coyote Pass more than everyone and had even started to save up for the same. But after all these rapid developments, there is no confirmation how things will shape up. Keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.

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