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SISTER WIVES – Kody Brown, Wife & Ex Wives – Season 19 !!

We know we are coming up on the premiere of a new season of Sister Wives, so let’s get all into what we are going to be seeing. I’m excited, are you excited? I’ve been talking about, speculating, anticipating the premiere of a new season. I’m thinking maybe mid-July, I don’t know. I know y’all love a good juicy article as much as I do, and this one—love it. Sister Wives update: Cody, wife, and ex-bride season 19 news. Sister Wife star Cody Brown and the women who once made up the polygamous marriage featured on TLC series seem to have a few themes spinning for season 19. So far, it appears the family’s tragedy plays a big part in moving forward, with some changes seen ahead of the new season’s premiere.

In season 19, Cody Brown meets David Wooley. We know that’s going to go down because previously we’ve seen them on season 18, ‘Till All Season 18, 11, whatever they called it. They called it both, but the last we’ve seen was them sitting down separately. David was with Christine, and they were anticipating their wedding. Now, their wedding special was a separate thing, so that wasn’t even in the filming timeline for the series. You get what I’m saying if that makes any sense.

Sister Wives Season 19: Latest News, Cast, & Everything We Know

I know it’s confusing, so it’s okay if it doesn’t make sense. In season 19, fans see Cody Brown do something he’s never done before, on or off camera, and it’s something the Sister Wives fans have waited to see ever since Christine severed her marriage to Cody. Now, as a married woman, of course, her husband will accompany her to any family events. And while the fans know that David Wooley has been at a couple of Sister Wives family occasions with Cody also there, now the fans get to see it. So, according to what Christine said, the Sister Wives fans will witness the first face-to-face meeting of Cody and her new husband. And what does that look like? Christine explains how that went over with both her husband and Cody. The shocking passing of Garrison occurred while the family was filming for season 19.

I think since the filming is so far behind and we know that, I just feel like the passing won’t be publicized, I guess you could say, in this season until the end of season 19. I believe that’s going to be like a cliffhanger. They leave opens the door for another season 20, that’s just what my thoughts and opinions are. I’m just basing that off their filming timeline and what we see in the seasons, you know, from when they film things like that. And I do already know there’s a lot that happened before that that they have already filmed, and I don’t think they’re just going to scrap that. I just, I don’t. But I do think the passing will be addressed and showed at the end of season 19. But let’s keep reading. So far, Janelle Garrison’s mom has taken a very open-book approach with the Sister Wives fans. Her daughter suggested they want to bring awareness to suicide and the signs seen in hindsight. I think that’s a wonderful thing to raise awareness.

And look, I’ve said it from the jump—this is only going to help people who were really battling. It’s going to help them feel heard. It’s going to help them feel not so alone. And it’s going to show, I’m sure, tools and resources where you can go get professional help. That’s only going to help people in need. That’s a wonderful thing. I know people think differently about that, and that’s also fine. Some of the adult Sister Wives children have also made it their mission to bring awareness to suicide. They focused on the mental illness that pushes a person to this tragic ending. So with that said, the aftermath of this tragedy is expected to air in season 19. The awful event changed the way Janelle lives today.

She is making as many memories as she can with her children. We’ve seen she posted the recent photos of her trip to Disneyland with Gab and Savannah. It looks like Christine is also on the same wavelength. Over the weekend, Christine and David gathered some of their kids and grandchildren together, and they headed for Chuck-E-Cheese. So despite the demise of Cody’s polygamous marriage, it looks like bringing the individual families and not the original big family together is a theme for season 19. But they mention nothing about any time spent with Cody. Still, when the new Sister Wives season kicks off, this could look different with Cody. Mary has moved lock, stock, and barrel to her B&B in Utah.

This is her home base today. It turns out that Mary may have been a bit premature in revealing Amos to the Sister Wives fan base. That was her boyfriend that she had after Cody, and she introduced him to the fan base, and then that went south real fast. He was her love interest during the filming of season 19, so there’s a chance she introduced him because he may have made it into the new season. But Sister Wives followers know that that relationship is a thing of the past. Do y’all think that was founded? I bet you they’re going to show that. I bet you they’re going to show that. Speaking of things in the past, Mary and Robin seem to have had a falling out. While Mary didn’t officially reveal this, any mention of her relationship with Robin has stopped many months ago. Mary has not had the best of luck when attracting new friendships. Her catfishing incident was a friendship that imploded, and then Amos didn’t pan out well. Her friend Jen’s still there.

Oh, I say Jen’s name, okay. Some fans who follow Janelle and Christine online worry the same thing happened with them. Neither has mentioned the other in the post for a long time now. But behind the scenes, they could be as close as ever or just too busy to get together. Still, Mary found a new best buddy, and this time she got lucky. Her best friend of a few years now, Jen Sullivan, may steal the show. Everyone loves “Just Jen,” a term she coined for herself. She filmed with Mary for both Sister Wife seasons 18 and 19. Cody and Robin in their own little world.

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