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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Asks For Marriage Advice

This fall marks a year of marital bliss for Sister Wives star Christine Brown and her new husband David Woolley.

Overall, things their union seems pretty happy. But even so, the TLC star is looking for ways to keep their relationship alive and interesting. Since she loves interacting with fans, she asked for their tips and advice.

What exactly did fans share with Christine? Keep reading and see more.

Christine Brown Requests Happy Marriage Tips From Fans

Christine Brown’s marriage to David Woolley seems to be going rather well. But even so, the Sister Wives star was more than happy to welcome tips from her fanbase.

David Woolley and Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

In fact, Christine loves being a new bride. She was incredibly young and naive during her first marriage to Kody Brown. As a result, she has a lot of expectations for her second marriage.

“I love being a newlywed in my 50s!! A little older and a little wiser. 🙌🏼❤️ I’d love to hear your number one marriage advice to David and I!! 😘” the TLC star shared on Instagram.

Plenty of Christine’s followers offered their opinions in the comments. They left encouraging messages including:

  • “Kisses goodnight and kisses goodbye because you never know. I never leave without an ‘I love you!’”
  • “My #1 advice is to not take anyone’s advice. 🤣 solely do what works best for the 2 of you.”
  • “Wake up each day choosing to love your partner. Love is a choice not just a feeling. There are days when you won’t like each other very much so love won’t come easy and then you need to choose that love. That is what marriage is. Commitment even in the hard times.”
  • “Well I think you’re already the queen of knowing your worth!!! 😮‍💨 just keep laughing. 🥰”

Several DMed the TLC star and she shared her favorite tips in her Instagram stories. Tips ranged from how to handle fights to treating each other with respect.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Fans Can’t Wait To See The Married Couple In Season 19

Sister Wives fans met David Woolley during the Season 18 tell-all. However, many are excited to see him have more screentime in when Season 19 premieres this fall.

Garrison Brown’s unexpected death is expected to be a major storyline, but TLC will likely shed light on Christine’s life as a newlywed as well.

What do you think about Christine Brown and David Woolley’s relationship so far? Do you have any additional marriage tips to add? Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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