Sister Wives

Sister Wives – Mykelti Reveals She Was SILENCED – “They Were Afraid Of What I Would Say.”

McKel and Tony just reacted to season 2 episode 4 over on their Patreon and McKel shared some feelings and some insights into how the kids were grouped for couch confessionals back in those early days. Apparently, Mel was too much of a loose cannon to be trusted with towing that positive polygamy party line. We have a lot to talk about, let’s get into today’s video.

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Tony has been absent from Mel’s last few watch-alongs and this may be an unpopular opinion but I was actually excited to see him back. I feel like we get more off-the-cuff moments and reactions when Tony is with McKel, it’s less towing the family party line if you will. I mean, they’re definitely towing the Robin Cody family line. The stream started off with answering some logistical questions about season 19, apparently now we are back to probably seeing a late summer fall premiere.

Remember not too long ago McKel was heavily hinting at a spring premiere. McKel revealed that family members are shooting couch confessionals as we speak and it seems like we will be seeing much of what was originally slotted for season 19 before the untimely passing of Garrison Brown. It seems to be that McKel is at least under the impression the plan is to still show the birth of her twins who she pointed out on this stream will be turning two as their births are featured on the show and according to McKel we will also be seeing a lot of the road to the Altar for David and Christine. This was all stuff we knew was supposed to be the content of season 19 but with the events that transpired in March of 2024 viewers very understandably have wondered if the upcoming season would go a different direction.

The whole topic of this video is McKel addressing the fact that she has been left out of the loop when it comes to the family narrative because for whatever reason she has been deemed as an unreliable narrator. Be careful what you tell Melty because she has a tendency to run her mouth, that is the vibe that I am getting. So the episode that McKel and Tony are reacting to is season 2 episode 4 titled “Carving into Polygamy” and this episode shadows the Browns as they celebrate Halloween as a newly blended family. If you recall throughout Sister Wives the family would come together in various configurations to comment on whatever scene said family members were involved in. They don’t really do that anymore, they opt for individual couch confessionals. But it wouldn’t be uncommon to get configurations of a pair of Sister Wives, all of the wives together, maybe Cody and a wife or Cody and a couple wives, and then the kids themselves.

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