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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Feels Blessed On Mother’s Day!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown cherishes every single thing she has in life. She is a proud mother of six children and a loving wife to her new husband. David and Christine are quite happy in their new world. But the latter always feel blessed about having wonderful kids. The TLC star has always been closer to her children.

Fortunately, her children always supported her in her life decisions. They happily welcomed David into the family and gave him the same respect and love. Fans loved to see how each child celebrated Christine’s wedding including her grandkids. They celebrate all their special days together and make it extra special with their special bond. Hence, Christine decided to shower some love on Mother’s Day for her wonderful children.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Talks About The Fun Of Being A Mom!

Christine Brown likes opening up about the highs and lows of her life with her audience. She has always been a proud mom who could go above and beyond for her kids’ happiness. Fans love to see the bond between the Sister Wives star and her children. Recently, Christine took to Instagram to share her favorite moments with her kids on Mother’s Day.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown Says It's 'Fun Being a Mom' on Mother's Day

She posted a series of pictures with her kids. The TLC star’s post included a picture of Christine exploring Europe with her daughters and her 1920’s 1920s-themed birthday bash. Additionally, she posted a sweet picture of herself singing karaoke with Gwendlyn at her wedding. Christine also shared a series of fun moments with her grandchildren and a few selfies with Janelle’s son, Garrison Brown.

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Fans of the series are already aware that Garrison was found dead at his Flagstaff home on March 5. Ever since then, Christine has been cherishing every moment spent with Janelle’s son and sharing his rare photos with his Instagram followers. The celeb wrote, “Gosh, it’s so fun being a Mom!! I’m so blessed!”

Moreover, she felt that her kids were such cool and amazing people. Several fans flooded the comment section with their kind words and gushed over her sweet family. One fan said, “You guys always look likealike you are having the greatest time together no matter what you all are doing.” Meanwhile, others teared up after seeing a glimpse of Garrison Brown in the pictures. Another fan added, “You are truly one of the best moms ever!!!”

90 Day Fiance: Christine Brown Braces Up For Spring Season With New Plans!

90 Day Fiance star Christine Brown loves talking about the new weather and seasons. She and her new husband, David Woolley, spend a lot of time together talking about the sky. Recently, the former posted a wonderful picture of herself sitting on her balcony. Christine posed with a Rumikub game on a table with a mountain background.

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She said, “I’m hoping Spring has finally arrived!! I’m also hoping I win playing this game today.” The TLC star also asked her fans about their favorite family games. Several videos rushed to the comment section to share their favorite games. Moreover, Christine for her gorgeous beauty. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers for Christine’s latest updates and other Sister Wives tea.

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