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Sheila Learns What Happened to Sugar and to Steffy and Finn Makes His Mother a Promise

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At Deacon’s place, Deacon and Finn keep hydrating Sheila with bottles of water. Finn wants her to go to the hospital, but she thinks she has the best doctor right here. Sheila says they have to find Sugar, she’s a danger to Steffy and the kids. She cries Sugar wants to hurt her family to punish her. Finn promises Sheila that won’t happen, Sugar and nobody will ever hurt her again.

Sheila is confused BB

Sheila changes out of her bathrobe and asks Deacon how he found her and how he knew about Sugar. He explains it wasn’t easy, but he found the texts from Sugar and talked to Lauren, who was in town, about her. Lauren explained who Sugar was, and that made him realize he wasn’t seeing things. He says they had a memorial service for her. Finn says Deacon wanted to give her a proper goodbye. Deacon explains it was her nine toes that helped him figure out she was alive. Sheila is confused.

Sheila learns truth BB

They sit down, and Deacon explains he went to say his final goodbyes at the crematorium. Sheila doesn’t understand. Deacon says he went to her cremation, and Sheila realizes it was Sugar they cremated. He says he saw ten toes and figured Sugar must have taken her. Finn and Deacon tell her about going through her credit card receipts, tracking her to a strange part of town, and finding out where she was, thanks to a homeless man. Sheila can’t believe Deacon and Finn, her love and her son, saved her life. Sheila asks how Sugar died. Deacon says it must have been the night she tried to stop her. Finn says it was Steffy, she killed Sugar thinking it was her.

Deacon explains everyone thought Sugar was her. He and Finn recount how Sugar went to Steffy’s, the power was out, and she broke in. They relay that Steffy grabbed a knife to defend herself, and stabbed Sugar in the heart. Sheila can’t believe Steffy thought she killed her. Finn says it’s okay now, and his wife didn’t kill his mother. She notes, “You called me your mother.” Finn says she is his birth mother, and losing her made him realize the connection they have is real. He admits it killed him that, despite everything that happened, he wouldn’t see her again. Now he knows his mother tried to save Steffy, just like she did with Kelly at the beach. He sees who she is working to be, and he knows she and Deacon keep saying she has changed, and now he believes in her. Sheila is moved to tears, and they embrace. Sheila says, “My precious baby boy, I love you; I never want to be apart from you again.” He promises she won’t ever be without him.

Sheila and Finn embrace BB

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam wait for Kelly to get home from a date with a friend, and they both are still relieved Sheila is gone. Liam knows Steffy’s been dealing with a lot, and has put Sheila behind her. She’s trying, but she’s more concerned about Finn. Liam thought she and Finn dealt with Finn’s Sheila baggage. She just has this weird feeling thanks to Deacon, who is stressing out Finn with his talk that Sheila is alive. She knows he’s not in a good place.

Steffy Liam talk about Finn BB

Steffy calls Finn but gets his voicemail. Liam says he may be working. Kelly returns home, and she tells her dad she went to a bead store and got supplies so they can make bracelets. Liam sits down with Kelly and they make bracelets for one another. Steffy tells Kelly she needs to wash up, but Liam says he’s not leaving yet. Kelly says she’s so happy when they are all together and hugs her dad.

Kelly comes home BB

Kelly goes to her room to read, and Liam thanks Steffy for giving him all this time with her. He knows it’s complicated and weird what with her and Finn. Steffy worries that Finn still hasn’t called her back. Liam thinks it will just take time for them to get back on track after everything that happened. Steffy says Finn’s relationship with Sheila is complex, and she doesn’t know how much more of Sheila their marriage could have taken. She vows Sheila is out of her and Finn’s life for good.

Liam Kelly make Bracelets BB

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