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Tori Roff admits she has the best job in the world as she celebrates Mother’s Day with her three kids. Tori shares son Joa Luke, two, daughter Laa Ray, four, and son Jackson Kyle, seven, with husband Zach Roff. The “Little People Big World” star shared a series of photos on her Instagram with all three of her kids, son Joa Luke, daughter Laa Ray, and son Jackson Kyle, when she shares with husband Zach Roff, also 34, posing with her kids outside. Tori smiles as she cuddles up with her family in the first photo, also sharing individual shots with each of her kids. The mom of three also took a minute to reflect on having the best job in the world in her caption, “I have the best job title in the world: Mom. I love these three with my whole heart and I’m so thankful to God for choosing me to be their mama,” Tori wrote. “Thinking of mamas of all kinds today, past, present, and future. You are loved.”

Spilt😭DIVORCED! It's Over! Tori Roloff Drops Bombshell Separate Admits  Shocking Details! LPBW | TLC - YouTube

During the season final of “Little People Big World,” which aired on Tuesday, April 23, the father of three opened up about the differences in his family and how they handle feeling like they’re being watched in public. “Our family is going to stand out our whole life, you know. Tori being my wife and I’m her husband, me being short, her being tall, and our kids being short,” Zach said in a confessional. “Our family is going to always probably stand out, but it’s something you just kind of get used to. Sometimes it’s annoying,” he admits. “We get sensitive sometimes. We make sure our kids are well behaved because we do feel like we’re being watched,” Zach noted, with Tori adding, “It’s hard sometimes. That’s also not their burden. We can’t burden our kids with other people’s burdens or expectations or judgments,” Zach noted, agreeing that filming the 25th season was tough.

Zach also expressed how unfortunate their departure is because they had such a run there. Tori, who first joined the series in season 10, later marrying her now-husband in 2015, noted on their podcast that there are a lot of reasons for their exit, but Tori indicated that their three kids were a really large portion of our reasoning for maybe not doing the show anymore. Addressing their departure from the show further, the couple jointly said on Instagram that there were moments in reality TV that we loved and moments that we didn’t, but overall we’re grateful to our crew and our producer and we’re excited for our next chapter. Thanks for watching this video, please subscribe to our Channel. Thank you.

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