LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Starting YouTube Career After Zach & Tori?

Audrey and Jeremy, along with Zach and Tori, were a huge part of Little People Big World. But as time passed, they realized they had other priorities and quit LPBW. The former couple was the first to do it, followed by the latter. Then, both Jeremy and Zach had a huge rift with Matt Roloff regarding their family farm, and they gave up on the dream of living there.

This feud ruined the entire family dynamics, and longtime fans have suspicions about a rift and competition between sisters-in-law Audrey and Tori. But they are both very subtle about it. Fans have been smart enough to catch all the clues. Both of them started their YouTube careers very recently.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Ready To Take On The Youtube World! Copying Tori & Zach?

It’s been a while since Audrey and Jeremy took over TV screens through LPBW. They quit the show in 2017, right when their daughter Ember was born. Since then, they have been busy building their brand. They became bestseller authors and podcasters and have continued to expand their empire. In a new post, Audrey talked about the recent birth of her daughter, Mirabella.

She made an Instagram post saying that she and Jeremy wanted to attempt to share content in a “long-form video.” For that, they have plans to expand over YouTube. One of the first videos Audrey decided to put is going to be about her giving birth to Baby Mira

. LPBW viewers had a lot to say about this matter.

Many have noticed how Tori and Zach also uploaded their first vlog to YouTube only a few weeks ago. They feel Audrey and Jeremy are trying to compete with the former couple. They also did the same thing when both of them started their podcasts at the same time. Fans feel both of them are constantly trying to one-up eachother.

LPBW: Tori and Zach’s Podcast Became A Hit Instantly While Audrey & Jeremy’s Show Didn’t Even Make The List!

While neither Tori nor Audrey’s families are part of LPBW, they rely on social media and brand deals for their earnings. So, they are influencers who often think of different ways to profit from their followers. Audrey and Jeremy already had a podcast where they talked about their marriage and preserving the spark in one’s marriage.

LPBW Little People Big World

At the same time, Tori and Zach also started their new podcast, Raising Heights. In it, they have been trying to raise awareness about the little person community. As soon as they released their first episode, it topped the charts for Apple Podcasts in the category of Love and Relationships. Meanwhile, Audrey and Jeremy hadn’t even made the list.

Viewers often get entertained because of these developments. The family members are often trying to compete with one another and often become the topic of discussion online. Whose side are you on, Audrey-Jeremy or Tori-Zach? Tell us in the comments below. Keep track of all the latest LPBW updates by staying tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.

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