LPBW: Matt Roloff Doesn’t Need His Other Kids? Looks So Happy With His Heir Jacob!

LPBW featured Matt and Amy’s happy family for many years. It documented their ups and downs, including how the entire family was even jeopardized. Hence, viewers are well aware of the dynamics, where most of the star kids have estranged relationships with each other. But now it appears that things have started to change.

Viewers were in shock when they recently saw Matt spending time with one of his kids. He appeared to be satisfied, and it seemed that the celeb no longer needed anyone else. Is this true? Did the celeb disown his other children?

LPBW: Matt Roloff Spends Quality Time With Jacob & Family

LPBW star Matt Roloff’s stubbornness led to the disintegration of the entire family. He didn’t want to pass on his property to Zach and Jeremy, so these two weren’t able to live their dream of raising their kids on the 100-acre farm. That is why the star kids ended up leaving their house and haven’t turned back since this incident.

Amid all this, Jacob stayed with Matt on the farm. He initially used to live in an RV with his wife and kid. But the celeb soon moved into a house and has been helping his father for a while now. That could be why viewers feel that Matt has ended up having an emotional bond with him.

This was further proved when Matt recently shared a happy family picture. It featured him sitting close to his mother while Jacob and Caryn were also in the frame. Viewers felt that all of them appeared to be happy together as if they didn’t need anyone else.

Hence, they started to discuss on several platforms that Matt has finally chosen his family and that he doesn’t need anyone else in his life. Apparently, now he has a loving fiance, mother, and a responsible child, because of which he appears to be satisfied with the dynamics.

LPBW: Matt Will Pass On The Property To Jacob?

LPBW fans initially speculated that Matt Roloff would pass on his entire property to Jacob. But now, he has made it clear that he wouldn’t hesitate to do that as well. Viewers were recently in disbelief when they saw him accepting it on social media. It all started when Matt shared a picture in which he announced that his house was back for short-term rentals.


A viewer begged Matt to pass this house to Zach and reconcile with him. However, the former appeared to be in no mood to do this and straight away denied the idea. The patriarch stated that Jacob was the one who would keep the name of his farm alive. He stated that his noted son was running the farm well. Hence, he “far surpasses” any of the other kids’ “involvement.”

Moreover, Matt claims that Zach is happy in his life in Battleground. He believes that if he were to give the big house to him, it would be unfair to other kids. While the patriarch considers Jacob to be his successor, the latter appears to have no prospects of becoming a property owner. Hence, it will be interesting to watch where these dynamics would end. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest LPBW tea.

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