7 Little Johnstons: Was Liz Pregnant Before The Official Announcement?

Liz and Brice are now a three-person family with their baby girl, Leighton. Fans love the little one and love seeing her updates, photos, and videos. In fact, many fans might be watching the show only for Leighton.

Fans saw Leighton announce her pregnancy in the 7 Little Johnstons season 13 trailer. In the show, they will see Liz and Brice’s breakup and then go to the hospital for the delivery. However, the fans have seen some clues and feel Liz knew about her pregnancy before the formal announcement.

7 Little Johnstons: Is Liz’s Pregnancy Timeline Skewed?

Fans will see Brice and Liz break up this season and have a baby. The people following the 7 Little Johnstons couple know they are back together. But the fans still love Brice and Liz’s story, so they are going to watch it. They are really excited about baby Leighton’s TV debut. But for now, the storyline still focuses on Liz’s pregnancy and her relationship with Brice.

But the fans think something is amiss. They have some questions about her pregnancy and its timeline. Many fans feel that Liz was pregnant before the official announcement. In fact, they believe Liz knew about the pregnancy a long time before it happened on TV. So, the fans are discussing their theories about the potential timeline that the network and Liz hid.

7 Little Johnstons

Many fans think Liz was pregnant before her and Brice’s breakup. On the other hand, some feel she got pregnant after their ‘patch-up.’ A few fans opine that the pregnancy happened after they broke up but decided to get intimate anyway. Some people think that Liz trapped Brice with Leighton. She knew Trent and Amber’s relationship stance, and her parents might pressure Brice to stay.

Fans have also pointed out clues proving Liz was pregnant before the official announcement. One fan noticed Liz just “drank water” and not the mimosas when she went out with Anna and Ashley. Since a mimosa is the 7 Little Johnston star’s go-to drink, this was big proof of her pregnancy. Fans feel Liz “knew much sooner.” They guessed that if TLC filmed the scene around “April,” Liz would “have gotten pregnant in February.”

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Celebrates Leighton’s Newest Milestone

Liz always updates fans about baby Leighton. Recently, the 7 Little Johnstons star revealed that her daughter reached another big milestone. She took to Instagram on April 3, 2024, to post about it. It was a photo collage of Leighton, with photos of the baby girl with her other family members.

Amber was also in the photos as she blew the cake’s candles on her 45th birthday. In another photo, Liz, Brice, and Leighton were posing together for Easter. Then there was a photo of Liz’s sister Emma with Leighton. In another snap, dad Brice was cuddling with Leighton. Liz announced in the caption that “Leigh-Bug” was “5 months” old.

In the comments, Emma called Leighton “sassy” while declaring her love for her niece. Liz’s friend Darcy thought Leighton was a “cutie.” Amber had also posted about her granddaughter’s big milestone. The fans were still in disbelief about Leighton being “5 months already.” Catch all the latest 7 Little Johnstons news on TV Season & Spoilers.

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