BAD 😭| Breaking News! Josiah & Tori Roloff Drops Very Shocking News To Zach Roloff!

This time, she stirred confusion among fans with a post about Jozo gearing up for his first concert of the season.

Tori, along with her adorable children Jackson, Lila, and Jozo, remains the heart and soul of “Little People, Big World.” Her social media updates capture the cuteness and precious moments of the Roloff family.

In a recent post, Tori announced that the youngest member, Jozo, is preparing for a concert, accompanied by a video showcasing his adorable playtime.

The video features baby Jozo lying on the floor, thumping his leg against the hardwood, playing with a toy, and holding onto it with one hand.

Fans soon realized that Tori referred to this endearing playtime as Jozo’s little concert, prompting wholesome comments on the video.

While Tori often receives praise for her hard work in raising three kids under the age of five, there are moments when fans express concern or outrage.

A video of Jozo enjoying tacos caused a stir among fans, as some criticized Tori for not helping him eat properly. The munchkin’s face was covered in avocados and sour cream, prompting mixed opinions about baby-led weaning.

Despite the occasional criticism, Tori remains indifferent to social media hate, choosing to ignore it.

The Little People, Big World fans continue to shower love on Tori and her children. In another update, Tori shared a milestone as Jozo turned 11 months old, expressing her joy at his active and adventurous nature.

Tori hinted at the possibility of having 10 more kids if they were all like Jozo, emphasizing her immense love for him.

As Tori navigates the challenges of raising a young family, fans eagerly anticipate more updates and revelations in the ongoing saga of the Roloff family. Stay tuned to “Little People, Big World” for all the latest updates and spoilers.

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