LPBW Fans Call Out Chris Marek’s ‘Obsession’ With Matt Roloff: ‘It’s Just Creepy!’

Little People, Big World viewers think Chris Marek needs to slow his roll with Matt Roloff.

When Amy Roloff began dating Chris following her and Matt’s very public split, she never imagined that her future husband would be enamored with her former spouse.

But it didn’t take long for Chris and Matt to become fast friends, as we’ve watched over the last several seasons of LPBW.

Amy has voiced her distaste for Chris and Matt’s bromance, but that hasn’t stopped her husband from reaching out to Matt for advice or spending guy time with him.

Not only does Amy disapprove of Chris’s friendship with her ex-husband, but so do many LPBW viewers.

This week on LPBW, we watched Amy and Chris visit Matt and Caryn in yet another awkward encounter.

Although we could feel Amy’s discomfort through our TV screens, Chris carried on with Matt like usual.

His unapologetic nature toward his relationship with Matt has been rubbing LPBW viewers the wrong way, and they took to social media this week to get their feelings off their chests.

Little People, Big World viewers label Chris Marek ‘creepy’ for obsessing over Matt Roloff

Over on X (formerly Twitter), quite a few fans of the show expressed their discomfort watching Chris fawn over Matt and the consensus was that Chris’s behavior is “creepy.”

“Chris spent 90% of this episode talking about Matt,” one X user said after watching this week’s episode.

“You’re fkn weird [and] creepy!” @mzaliz added.

Another LPBW viewer complained about the entire cast and the show itself. Amid their rant, they called Chris “creepy” and accused him of not caring about Amy but instead just “wanting to be on TV.”

lpbw viewers discuss chris and matt's relationship on X
LPBW fans are creeped out. Pic credit: @mzaliz/@Huff1023/@PigsBFlying/X

@Huff2012 asked, “What is this obsession Chris has with Matt?! It’s just creepy!!”

Others chimed in, taking aim at Amy’s husband of nearly three years.

One such critic couldn’t pinpoint why they dislike Chris, but noted “there’s just something there.”

They also insinuated that Chris only pretends to be BFFs with Matt for TLC’s cameras, adding, “I also don’t think he cares about hanging out with Matt outside of the show.”

lpbw viewers discuss chris and matt's relationship on X
More LPBW fans find the behavior creepy. Pic credit: @blantonmm/@elove817/X

“I predict that Chris will ask Matt if he could be his best man,” surmised another LPBW viewer.

Will Chris be Matt’s best man at his wedding?

Chris serving as Matt’s best man isn’t too far from an outlandish possibility.

As we watched this week on TLC, Matt and Caryn joked about Chris being Matt’s right-hand man at their nuptials.

The trio joked about the prospect, with Chris calling it a “little weird.”

During a solo confessional, Chris addressed the discussion of him being Matt’s best man.

“Well, that was obviously a joke when Matt said something about me being the best man,” Chris told TLC’s cameras.

“Part of what made it funny was that knowing that it probably wasn’t as funny to other people, I guess. I guess that’s kinda mean,” he added with a laugh.

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