SURPRISE NEWS: Jackson Underwent Secret SURGERY 2 Years After First One! But Why❓

Amid all this, fans got to know that Jackson ended up undergoing another surgery, which his parents decided to keep under covers. But Tori and Zach finally decided to open up about the same and made some shocking revelations about it. Is the star kid fine?

What is this surgery all about? LPBW: Tori & Zach Open Up About Jackson’s Second Surgery

Fans watched Jackson undergoing surgery for his bowed legs. It was to correct the bend of his legs when he was just 4 1/2 years old.

Apparently, doctors made it clear that the results wouldn’t be visible immediately and they would have to wait for a few years for the progress.

But LPBW viewers weren’t aware of the fact that after this noted treatment, Jackson had to undergo the knife again.

During the recent edition of Tori and Zach’s podcast, they talked about how Jackson had a second surgery, which they didn’t talk about on social media. The matriarch explained that the first treatment wasn’t a “traumatic” one as it was “easygoing” for her son. Tori then hesitantly disclosed that there was something else that she didn’t reveal to her viewers.

Little People's Tori & Zach Roloff break down as son Jackson, 4, is rushed to hospital for surgery in medical emergency | The US Sun

Tori stated that just after 2 years of Jackson’s surgery, he ended up breaking a screw. Hence, he again had to have an operation again. But the LPBW star kid was firm that he didn’t want this surgery to air on television. Tori narrated how Jackson asked her, ‘Can we not film it?.’

The latter made it clear that he didn’t want the “filmers” to visit the hospital or come to his house after his discharge. Hence, it was because of Jackson’s will that Zach and Tori kept his surgery a secret and didn’t reveal it on any public platform.

LPBW: Zach Felt That Jackson’s Surgery Would Have Boosted The Show’s Ratings

Jackson Roloff is a lovable kid, and viewers love watching him as well. His surgery ended up raising concern among the LPBW audience, and they always used to ask Tori about him. Hence, it was evident that if the star kid’s surgery had been a part of the franchise, it would have gathered significant attention, and the show would have benefited from it as well.

LPBW's Zach and Tori Roloff Enjoy Splashing Around a Lake with Kids

lpbwZach noted how he had thought that Jackson’s surgery would have “boosted the ratings” of his family show. But he decided to respect the latter’s wish and didn’t force him to do so. The celeb said, “We were able to say no, and that started the conversation .” They were referring to their decision to leave the show.

Apparently, this instance made Zach and Tori reconsider putting their kids on display on national television. So, it appears that Jackson ended up becoming one of the reasons why the couple decided to leave their family show and announced their decision to quit it! Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest LPBW tea.

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