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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava & Lucas’ Surprise Chemistry – New Romance After Harris Exits?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Lucas Horton’s (Bryan Dattilo) addition to the Montana drama has been fun for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s been nice to see Lucas out of the monastery and providing some comic relief in the Clyde Weston (James Read) story.

However, there could be another motive for including Lucas in this hot plot.

This has given Lucas a chance to share plenty of scenes with Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun), so they’ve developed an interesting connection.

Of course, there’s been some humorous bickering along the way, which ties in with that whole comic relief thing we talked about.

That said, Lucas was also quite sweet to Ava when their conversations turned a bit more serious.

It’s clear that Ava is worried about how much Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) can forgive since he’s already forgiven so much.

Ava is still keeping secrets and stirring up trouble, so there’s probably only so much that Harris can take.

Harris definitely wasn’t happy about Ava going rogue and almost wiping Clyde off the map, so it feels like their relationship is already starting to fall apart.

We know Harris’ exit is coming up, so what happens once Ava indeed loses him?

Regardless of how this departure ultimately plays out, Ava seems poised to find herself single once more.

Since Lucas is also single and on the verge of truly becoming a free man again, maybe a Lucas and Ava pairing could be in the works.

Many Days fans picked up on the chemistry between Ava and Lucas during their latest scenes together, so it’s worth keeping these two in mind as a potential couple.

Kate Roberts Brady (Lauren Koslow) already hates Ava, but her loathing will really boil over if she starts dating Lucas!

Can you imagine Kate’s reaction if she gets updates on Lucas and Ava’s potential relationship news?

There’s no guarantee that’s how things will go down, but Days perhaps had a goal by putting Ava and Lucas together for that Montana mission.

Lucas and Ava might be laying the groundwork for a romance with all this bonding time, so DOOL viewers will be eager to see what’s in store.

Our Days predictions hint that several fresh romantic relationships could be on the horizon in Salem, so stay tuned to see if Ava and Lucas’ pairing will be one of them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ava will have to adjust to life without Harris soon – and Lucas might help her out with that!

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