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General Hospital Spoilers: Should Gio Be with Josslyn or Trina – Which Chemistry Test Passes?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Giovanni “Gio” Palmieri has moved to Port Charles and has a full scholarship at PCU, so he’s sticking around. Likewise, Giovanni Mazza is on contract, so GH fans should get used to seeing that handsome face of his.

On social media, Mazza has been getting praise for his comfort level on camera and easygoing acting style.

It seems like Mazza is settling into his role nicely, so Gio feels like a wonderful summer cast addition for the younger set of characters.

Of course, some viewers can’t help but feel like Mazza should’ve been a Cameron Webber (William Lipton) recast instead.

However, there are always new angles you can work when you bring in someone with different family connections and a fresh backstory.

Regardless, Mazza has been cast as Gio, so now it’s just a matter of who his leading lady will be.

So far, it seems like the show’s been teasing the possibility of both a Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) pairing and a Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) pairing.

General Hospital Spoilers- Should Gio Be with Josslyn or Trina, Which Chemistry Test Passes?

Gio had a first little spark at the wedding with Josslyn – and their recent scenes at the Metro Court pool certainly felt rather flirty.

Josslyn also accidentally knocked Gio into the pool, so the show’s made writing choices that could add up to couple status eventually.

That said, Trina had some interesting Gio moments of her own.

When Gio emerged from the pool all wet, Trina couldn’t help but be reminded of Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

Gio quizzed Trina later and found out someone close to her died, which left her fleeing the conversation and brought some guilt on his end.

Although that was painful for Trina, she may come to realize that Gio’s personality is nothing like Spencer at all.

There is a bit of a resemblance in the looks department, but it’s nothing uncanny and could be something Trina gets past quickly.

Even so, Trina has a long way to go before she gets over losing Spencer – if she ever gets over losing him at all.

It feels like Trina’s grief could prove to be a major obstacle when it comes to Gio’s potential relationship with her.

Nevertheless, Gio seemed into Trina and offered his phone number when she mentioned the need for a live musician for an upcoming gallery event.

It felt like Gio was rather dazzled by Trina right off the bat, so something romantic could be on the horizon.

Gio is hoping to hang out with both Josslyn and Trina more often, so his romantic future could go either way.

Trina seems to think Josslyn and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) are on the verge of a reunion, but nothing is guaranteed at this point.

We’d say Gio passed both his chemistry tests, but Josslyn’s complicated feelings for Dex and Trina’s lingering love for Spencer could present problems.

Are you rooting for Gio to be with Trina or Josslyn? What are your predictions when it comes to Gio’s love life?

General Hospital spoilers say Gio will indeed spend more time with Josslyn and Trina, so we’ll bring you updates as other news emerges on what’s in store.

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