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Amy Roloff and Chris Merrick leave the country. Why? Stars from Little People Big World, Amy Roloff, and Chris Merrick, are making a significant move out of Dodge. Many of their fans are interested in knowing why they are leaving the country for a foreign location. What are our current understandings of this recent development? TLC is bringing back Little People Big World for a brand new season.

However, because Zach and Tori Roloff declared that this season will be their final one, Season 25 of the program has been under intense criticism in terms of cancellation rumors. Zach and Tori’s revelation set off a firestorm. There’s also a bittersweet sensation since after such a long run on the air, many devoted fans must concede that this season may be the last. Star of Little People Big World, Amy Roloff, won’t need to count her pennies anytime soon. Even if Zach and Tori’s departure means the program gets cancelled, Amy’s estimated net worth is $6 million.

As if it weren’t already luxurious enough, Chris Merrick is thought to be even wealthier than Amy. The estimated net worth of Chris Merrick is $10 million. Amy Roloff and Chris Merrick are both set for life. If Little People Big World Season 25 turns out to be the final episode, if they were alone, their finances would be sound. However, with a combined estimated net worth of $16 million, they could very easily live out the rest of their days in the lap of luxury if that was the path they chose to take. Recently, Amy Roloff gave her devoted Little People Big World fans a huge update that caught them off guard.

Amy claims that she and Chris are leaving the nation and traveling to a distant foreign country. With their most recent overseas journey, these two are demonstrating their ability to travel without worrying about going over budget for a much-needed holiday. Amy Roloff and Chris Merrick are traveling to Ireland. Chris obviously still had work on his mind even as he and Amy take off for the Emerald Isle, as seen by the work he completed on his laptop while they waited to board their aircraft.

Amy Roloff said that she and Chris Merrick have an 8-hour layover in Atlanta, Georgia, before boarding their flight to Ireland, so there’s a lot of time to kill before they begin their trip officially. Amy even joked about what trouble she could get into, so it’ll be worth keeping an eye on her updates once they land at their destination. No more today. What are you thinking about this gossip today? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned by subscribing to our channel to get more updates like this. Thank you.

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