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Gabe Brown Honors Brother Garrison With Meaningful Tattoo

Although Garrison Brown has passed away, his family and loved ones will never forget him. In the months following his death, many of his family members have looked for different ways to honor his memory.

Christine Brown’s children planted a tree to remember him. Hundreds of Sister Wives fans donated to Flagstaff animal shelters to pay their respects.

But it seems that Gabe Brown and many other of the siblings have chosen to remember Garrison with a meaningful tattoo. Keep reading to see the photo and what Janelle Brown had to say about it.

Sister Wives Fans Spy Gabe Brown’s New Tattoo

After Garrison passed away, Janelle declared she would focus all her time and energy on her family. She has five surviving biological children and three grandchildren. Lately, fans have enjoyed watching her spend time with Maddie in North Carolina and go on outings with Gabe and Savanah.

In a recent photo, fans spotted Gabe Brown’s new tattoo.

Gabe Brown from Janelle Brown's Instagram page
Gabe Brown/Instagram

“Gabe introduced Savanah and I to Korean BBQ last night. It was great!” Janelle captioned her Instagram post, sharing images of the dinner table.

“In my jealousy era,” Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn commented on the post. Many other Instagram users shared similar sentiments, adding that it looks like a lot of fun.

But one Instagram user noticed something a little bit different.

“Is that Gabe’s arm with the to the stars tattoo? What a lovely tribute to Garrison ❤️” another Instagram follower asked.

“@stacylouisebrown Yes! Many of the kids got a tattoo with some version of that quote. It was one of Garrison’s favorite movies growing up and even as an adult 😀” Janelle replied.

The quote is from Dragonheart and fully goes, “To the stars, Bowen, to the stars.”

Janelle’s followers thought the tattoos were a beautiful way to honor Garrison’s memory.

Sister Wives Fans Have Grown Worried About The TLC Star

In the weeks following Garrison’s death, Sister Wives fans grew increasingly concerned about Gabe Brown’s mental health and well-being. As more details about the tragedy emerged, police reports revealed that Gabe tragically discovered his older brother’s body.

As fans have seen over the years, Gabe and Garrison were incredibly close.

Thankfully, it seems that Gabriel has spent quite a bit of time with his family and friends. He likely still has his ups and downs, but fans are relieved to know that he has an excellent support system as he navigates this season of life.

What did you think about Gabriel Brown’s tattoo? Add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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