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Breaking News! Why Robyn Brown needs a new younger “sister wife” with kids.

Before Garrison Brown‘s passing, there were suspicions that Kody and Robyn Brown were in the market to add a new sister wife. Now Sister Wives fans think the new addition should be a younger woman with kids.

Kody And Robyn Brown Seem Ready For A New Wife

In early March, before the devasting news of Garrison Brown‘s suicide, suspicions were running high that Kody and Robyn Brown were wife-hunting again. Although the plural marriage with Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn didn’t pan out, there’s a chance a different wife might. In many ways, they seem to be looking for the perfect plural family that Robyn always dreamed of. With the untimely loss of a family member, all plans might have changed. However, Sister Wives fans think it could do Robyn some good to have a younger sister wife.

Entering the family. - TLC
Kody and Robyn Brown’s wedding. – TLC

Transitions With A New Wife

Furthermore, viewers saw how the early seasons of Sister Wives show Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown managing a busy happy family under one roof. Additionally, it walks fans through the process of Kody courting his new wife, Robyn Brown. Undeniably, introducing a new woman into the mix comes with huge transitions. Likewise, Robyn entered the marriage with three kids from her earlier marriage. Without a doubt, plural marriage is a delicate dance to balance all the wives and family members’ needs. But when Robyn joined the family, many of those factors shifted to her and her family.

The Browns - Sister Wives
The Browns – Sister Wives

Kody And Robyn Brown Need A New Younger Wife

On Reddit, a Sister Wives viewer brings up a valid point about Robyn Brown. First, they say, “The ONLY way Robyn Brown will see what she did to the family.” Furthermore, they discuss how Robyn will only understand how she affected the balance of the family if she goes through something similar. They recommend she experience bringing in a new younger wife with kids to feel the full effect of how she shook up the managed equilibrium in the original Brown household.

Robyn Brown and her kids. - Sister Wives
Robyn Brown and her kids. – Sister Wives

Moreso, the Reddit user wants Robyn Brown to feel the same pain the other wives went through. Saying, “Bring on a younger sister wife and see how misplaced u will feel.. let her monopolize all of Kody’s time..” Referring to the favoritism that Robyn had from Kody Brown. Also pointing out the way the other wives were feeling during Kody and Robyn’s honeymoon. Continuing, “How about they go on a 14-day honeymoon see how u will feel..” Especially with Christine Brown’s pregnancy with Truley happening at the same time as the courting, wedding, and honeymoon. Undoubtedly, the established three wives were going through many emotions while Kody and Robyn were on their eleven-day honeymoon while the large family stayed home.

Kody and Robyn Brown on their honeymoon. - Sister Wives
Kody and Robyn Brown on their honeymoon. – Sister Wives

Robyn Brown Upset The Delicate Balance Of The Brown’s Way Of Life

Additionally, the user brings up a difficult issue in Meri Brown’s life since she was struggling with only being able to have one child. Saying, “How about the new younger wife can give Kody children and you can’t how would that make you feel? This is the only way Robyn brown wil ever feel the pain she brought..”

In particular, the Sister Wives fan wants Robyn Brown to get a taste of her own medicine. In like fashion, they want her to feel what it was like for Meri, Janelle, and Christine to have a younger wife come into their established plural marriage after sixteen years of not adding a new wife. While Robyn played a part in the unraveling of the plural family, some believe it wasn’t just her fault. However, others think she was the root cause of the dismantling of the harmony that originally existed in the family.

  • The Reddit poster continues: “She and Kody are despicable because Robyn NEVER tried to make the other women feel better when she knew she was Kody’s favorite.. always stealing every second she could, not caring about his other kids or her sister wives.. just saying. She never cared about anyone but herself, maybe with a new younger wife she would then open her eyes.”

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