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Robyn Brown’s Antics When Truely Was Sick, Diabolical Or Confused?

In Season 6 and 7, Sister Wives fans learned that Robyn Brown told Kody Brown that Truely Brown had been admitted to a hospital. However, she didn’t remember which hospital after the news arrived. So, they went to the wrong hospital first while Christine Brown struggled with her emotions as her daughter wasn’t expected to live. Now, TLC fans look back and wonder if Robyn really forgot.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown & The Other Wives Went On Trip

The four wives went on a shopping trip, and Kody was in charge of the kids. When he wasn’t around, the older children kept an eye on the little ones. Anyway, you might recall that Truely Brown fell sick and it seemed as if she’d gotten the flu. However, dehydration caused her need for dialysis. By the time Christine got her to a hospital, it wasn’t certain that Truely would live.

Robyn Brown from TLC, Sister Wives Sourced from YouTube

As Kody was napping when the news arrived, Robyn Brown told him what she’d heard about the emergency. However, she couldn’t recall which hospital. Some Sister Wives fans get the impression that she struggled with anxiety and that she might have forgotten. Meanwhile, other TLC fans think she’s such a nasty person that she deliberately told Kody she didn’t know when she allegedly did.

Truely Brown Was Deathly Ill

On Reddit this week, an OP felt disgusted by Kody’s remaining wife. In the post, they wrote:

Robyn is EVIL!!! [When] Truely got sick Mari (sic) reads a text from Christine saying that she just took truly to the ER at Summerlin Hospital. When Robyn goes up to tell Kody about it, she said I don’t know what hospital maybe to Centennial. There is no way in hell she could’ve forgotten something like that within a few minutes. It took her to go wake Kody up…

Truely Brown Sister Wives TLC YouTube
Truely Brown Sister Wives TLC YouTube

In the comments, some people believed that Robyn Brown might have been capable of deliberately delaying the rush to the hospital.

  • Yep she’s absolutely transparent looking back. And remember kody couldn’t stay at the hospital with truely and Christine because…. he couldn’t stand all that crying.
  • Kody went to take a nap…while Christine took their child to the ER. Robyn then lied about where the sick child was.
  • you will never convince me that Robyn innocently forgot or got them mixed up. She didn’t give a flying fuck.

Comments In Favor Of Robyn Brown

Not everyone agrees that Robyn Brown is that evil. Some TLC fans think that is too harsh a word.

  • Totally NOT defending Robyn but given her anxiety issues it is possible she forgot. Rage and fear only engage the brainstem.
  • Edits can really change a story.
  • As much as I dislike Robyn, I don’t want this to be true…

One Sister Wives viewer raised another side to the medical emergency. They wrote:

This is one episode where I think TLC should have intervened. They continued to film Truly (alone) when it was obvious she was suffering from more than just the usual kid stuff.

What are your thoughts about Robyn Brown not knowing which hospital Truely was in? Do you think that she’s so evil she would pretend not to know? What about TLC? Should they have intervened?  Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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