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Who played Sydney Davenport on Blue Bloods?

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) has had an active run in law enforcement since “Blue Bloods” began, certainly experiencing many victories and defeats in that time. Some fans may forget that he was almost a lawyer and engaged to Sydney Davenport (Dylan Moore).

Back when the “Blue Bloods” were a rookie first hitting the beat in the competitive jurisdiction of primetime, Reagan entered the world of policing as an NYPD officer for the first time with the support of his loving fiance, Davenport. The two met in law school, and although Reagan changed career paths, the two remained together for a time.

Although the relationship seems strong at first glance, it becomes clear that the two are slowly drifting apart due to a number of factors, such as the fact that the job is dangerous. Reagan’s obsession with her brother’s death and the Internal Affairs investigation into his off-duty actions both became too much for Davenport, and one night, she ended it with Reagan and left. the character’s life as well as the series.

Even though things didn’t go well, Davenport’s presence on the series was always going to serve as an important turning point for Reagan that fans may not have noticed in the pilot episode “Blue Bloods” and who Playing this role should be recognized for her contribution to the show.

Sydney Davenport is played by Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore appeared in five episodes of “Blue Bloods” as Sydney Davenport. She can first be seen in the pilot episode and her final appearance on the CBS series was in Season 1, Episode 8, “Chinatown”.

Since leaving the world of New York-based police procedurals, Moore has achieved other notable accomplishments, including playing Kelly in the 2011 film “Opus” and Darla in the film 2015 photo “The Submarine Kid”. She also served as a producer and cast member on the 2017 short film “The Decades of Mason Caroll” and the 2018 series “It’s Freezing Out There.”

In addition to taking on a number of acting gigs, Moore has also done voice-over work for a variety of media outlets, including things like commercials, radio and television spots with major companies like Coca-Cola and Maybelline . She has also utilized her sought-after vocal skills for several audiobooks.

Acting isn’t the only thing Moore brings to the table. She is also a passionate activist working with several initiatives such as Artists Efforts to End Poverty (ASTEP).

Although her stint on the show was short-lived, Moore’s career continued to flourish outside of the series thanks to her stellar efforts.

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