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Sister Wives To Face Cancellation After Janelle And Kody Brown Split?!

Sister Wives To Face Cancellation After Janelle And Kody Brown Split?!

Sister Wives fans have watched first Christine and now Janelle split from patriarch Kody Brown. And many have one key question. They wonder whether the show will get cancelled.

Find out about the speculation surrounding Sister Wives. And learn about whether a spin-off could result. Get all the details below.

Sister Wives – Fans Consider Cancellation

Can Kody Brown keep Sister Wives alive? Fans asked that question as they learned that Janelle and Kody Brown had split. And with six children between them, the breakup sparked all kinds of speculation, noted Newsweek.

Sister Wives

For instance, some fans feel that Sister Wives cannot continue in its current form. Because Janelle makes the second wife to quit the plural marriage, these critics argue that the show has ended. But what could the tell-all specials reveal?

Those who want Sister Wives to continue hope that the tell-all specials will reveal plans for continuity. But a look back questions that optimism. And some point to first Christine and now Janelle leaving as signaling cancellation in the near future. However, that opens the door for a Sister Wives spin-off.

Janelle And Christine Brown – To Star In Sister Wives Spin-Off?

Sister Wives fans seem overwhelmingly to cheer the concept of a spin-off. And given that Christine and Janelle left, many feel that those two independent stars should unite in the reboot. However, that raises the question of what happens to the rest of Kody Brown’s wives.

The exodus began in November 2021, when Christine split from Kody. And Janelle just announced her own split. That leaves Kody legally married to Robyn Brown and spiritually married to Meri Brown. However, the Sister Wives patriarch does remain spiritually married from Janelle amid the separation.

Twitter fans considered what the future could look like without Janelle and Christine. For instance, one wrote, “Honestly cannot stomach a show that is mostly Kody rambling b*******. Can we just give Janelle and Christine their own show now? #SisterWives.”

And many complained about Kody. For example, one critic posted on Twitter, “I really don’t think @TLC should renew #SisterWives. Kody is verbally abusive, vile towards his kids, AND apparently earns a living selling guns. The focus of the show should now be on Christine and Janelle since they’re the only ones we’re interested in.”

Christine has discussed the potential for a Sister Wives spin-off. And she shared, “As far as a spinoff, dude, I’m totally open.” And she admitted, “No idea what it looks like, but absolutely, that’d be just fun as heck.” She remains close to Janelle, with the two sharing pics of their friendship on social media.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Sister Wives should get cancelled? And would you watch a spin-off featuring Janelle and Christine after their plural marriage to Kody Brown ended? After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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