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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Left Alone After Divorce From Kody, No Support From Janelle & Christine

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Left Alone After Divorce From Kody, No Support From Janelle & Christine

The popular Sister Wives couple, Meri and Kody’s relationship has been strained since 2015 when Meri began chatting with a catfish. Even though she has been treated as the least favorite wife. In 1990, they were given legal marital status.

They separated in 2014 but were spiritually married so Kody could marry Robyn and adopt her children. The two have never been intimate and have led separate lives. After Christine announced their separation in November 2021.

Janelle followed Christine, stating in December that she and Kody had been divorced for several months. And now, finally, Meri made her revelation. Meri also announced their separation. However, she is now left alone and has no support from Janelle and Christine.

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Who Is By Meri’s Side In Her New Sence Of Freedom?

Following the footsteps of her two Sister Wives, Christine and Janelle, Meri also confirms her separation. The reality television matriarch stated that she and Kody had broken their 32-year polygamous marriage in a sneak peek of the forthcoming Sister Wives: One-on-One episode. This revelation came after the show host showed Meri a video clip of Kody.

In the video, Kody explains that he neither feels committed nor married to Meri and won’t argue with her if she chooses to be with another person. His remarks, according to her, don’t make her feel respected.

When the host asks about the status of their relationship, Meri responds that Kody has chosen without consulting her. So, she said, “He’s already decided, I suppose. Just now, you heard him say that”.

Sister Wives

The viewers of Sister Wives have been urging Meri to leave his husband, Kody. Fans believe she would gain a new sense of freedom after her separation. However, the day has finally arrived. But is she happy and free? Are Christine and Janelle by her side?

Meri Brown currently lives alone in Utah. Whereas, she goes back and forth between Lizzie’s Heritage Inn and Flagstaff. Meri is living as though she has never been married because Kody never longer pays her visits or stays at her house. The Sister Wives star has been going out with friends and going on solo road excursions lately.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Felt Husband Kody Brown’s Marriage Comments Were a “Sʟᴀᴘ In The Face”

According to a source speaking exclusively to InTouch, Sister Wives star Meri Brown alleges her former spouse Kody Brown was unkind in his opinion of their marriage before they divorced. As for the former couple’s relationship, the insider says, “Kody’s insulted her before, so this isn’t that sʜᴏᴄᴋɪɴɢ”.

It was considered a Sʟᴀᴘ on Meri’s face, and it gives me even another reason to despise him. This comes after Meri disclosed in a clip from the Sister Wives: One-on-One special that she and her husband, Kody Brown, have split after more than 30 years of marriage.

Sister Wives

The family conflict has always been prevalent in the hit television show Sister Wives. Kody’s polygamist marriage is disintegrating because of his dominating personality. Christine had already left Kody since she no longer had any hope in him.

Christine had a significant impact on Janelle, who made the decision to quit her 30-year marriage. But the two ex-wives encourage Meri to follow their example and break up with Kody. His first wife is Meri Brown, and he has said that he never loved her.

However, Meri still thinks about remaining faithful to her spouse in spite of his betrayal. Although Meri discovered that Kody was considering reconciliation in the Tell-All episode. However, she also learned that Christine was opposed to it. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for further updates.

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