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New Update 😍: Christine Jealous Of Robyn Over Wedding Dress Selection? Kody Shares His Views

Sister Wives Season 18 has a special segment where Kody and all his former partners would be reflecting on their marriages. They would be talking about all the highs and lows of their relationship with each other. This would bring up some of their best memories while they will relive some painful moments as well.

Amid all this, Kody ended up accusing Christine of being jealous during Robyn’s wedding dress selection. He also made some shocking confessions, and viewers are still in disbelief. What did he say?

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Sister Wives: Was Christine Jealous Of Kody’s Involvement In Robyn’s Dress Selection?

Kody Brown isn’t able to get over the fact that Christine has left him and has even moved on in her life. He is still dragging out and willing to open the can of worms and keeps accusing the latter of endless things. Amid all this, the Look Back: How It Started special is about to air. It will further feature these exes butting heads after Sister Wives’s new edition comes to an end.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, the stars were watching a controversial clip from the time of Robyn’s wedding. The latter was busy choosing her wedding dress, and Kody was actively participating in the process. This was a bit painful for the rest of his wives, who shared their opinions as well.

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After watching the entire video from a previous season of Sister Wives, Kody explained how Meri made her own dress while Janelle didn’t even wear one for her wedding. He then talked about Christine, he revealed how, at that time, he was living further away from her with his family.

Kody even stated that Christine was jealous when he was involved in Robyn’s dress selection process. People revealed how he added that it “incited some kind of jealousy” in the latter, which he believes was “irrational” from all angles. On the other hand, Christine has clearly denied having any kind of jealous feelings during that phase.

Sister Wives: Christine Says It Was A ‘Hard Day’ For Her! But Why?

Christine Brown didn’t admit to being jealous of Robyn. But she acknowledged that it was a ‘hard’ day for her. This is because the celeb realized at that moment that Kody was way more in love with his fourth wife than he had ever been with her on their wedding day.

Christine recalled how Kody never paid heed to what kind of wedding dress she wanted to wear at the alter. Amid all this, other wives agreed that this reveal was “not cool” at all. And they felt it was a “slap in the face.”


On the other hand, Kody stated that he knew Christine was “upset” because of all this. He believed that the main problem during the entire “experience” was that he didn’t want to be “married” to his third wife at that time!

Well, Janelle seemed to be on Christine’s side when she added, “It was a d— move on Kody’s part.” She continued, “But maybe that was the beginning of some shows of favoritism.” Then came Robyn, who was still supporting her husband. She wondered why other wives didn’t involve him when Kody really wanted to be a part of it!

So, it is evident that this upcoming segment will be touching on some of the most controversial phases.

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