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Sister Wives Update: What’s Up Between Robyn & Logan Brown?

Fans are well aware of the fact that most of the elder kids don’t share a great relationship with Kody and his only wife, Robyn Brown. They have had issues with the Sister Wives couple as they saw their mother suffering because of them.

Hence, there have been several instances when viewers witnessed the star kids accepting that they don’t need any kind of involvement from Kody and Robyn in their lives. Amid all this, Season 18 has been documenting Robyn connecting with Logan.

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Kody’s favorite wife ended up giving some really important tasks to the latter. Fans were in shock to witness Robyn interacting and communicating with Logan. What is up with these two now? Do they share a good bond with each other?

Sister Wives: What Are Logan & Robyn Up To? Do They Share A Good Bond?

Sister Wives Season 18 recently featured the chaotic dynamics of the gift exchange legacy that the Brown star kids used to follow. They used to have this every year until Robyn decided to interrupt them. She chimed in and made it clear that her kids won’t be a part of this event anymore.

Sister Wives Son Logan Brown Flees Polygamy -- Guns Whiskey Whips And Hot Girlfriend In Instagram Photos

Robyn decided to ask Mykelti and Logan to convey this news to all the other kids. Apparently, viewers are well aware of the fact that she shares a great bond with Christine’s noted daughter. But when it comes to Logan, it was a shock for the audience.

Soon, a Reddit thread started, and users began to wonder what could be the reason behind this. Many fans explained that Logan has always acted as the “father figure.” All his siblings respect their eldest brother.

Hence, Robyn would have thought that he would be the perfect person to convey this upsetting news. Logan also seemed to have a neutral relationship with Kody and Robyn. So, that could be another reason as well.

Someone even predicted that Logan was the one who initially started the group chat regarding the same. Perhaps that is why Robyn decided to inform him first and asked him to convey the same to other kids as well.

Sister Wives: Logan Celebrates His First Wedding Anniversary!

Sister Wives star Logan Brown walked down the aisle with his long-term girlfriend, Michelle Petty, last year. It was a lavish wedding with all the close ones. Fans might remember that TVSS shared exclusive pictures from the ceremony and revealed how stunning the bride and groom were looking.

Almost everyone attended Logan and Michelle’s marriage, including Kody and Robyn. Recently, the couple finally celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary. A Reddit thread started with the title, “Happy Anniversary to Logan & Michelle!.” Fans were in disbelief and wondered how fast this year had passed.

Someone even revealed that Janelle also took to her social media handle and wished the couple well. Another one wrote, “Wow, that year went by fast.” Amid all this, several viewers even wondered if Logan and Michelle would now think about growing their family.

However, Logan has made it clear that, for now, he isn’t thinking about the same. He is currently a pet father and loves adopting dogs. So, it is evident that the star kid is busy enjoying his life with Michelle, and things are going great for the couple.

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