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General Hospital’s Maura West Unpacks the ‘Uneasy Truce’ That Could Open the Door to So… Much… More

General Hospital has Ava in deep with Austin at the moment. But at the same time as they are navigating their impossible situation — and trying to figure out their feelings for one another — the show is taking advantage of the thaw that has occurred between Avery’s parents. And it’s giving us, let’s say, ideas.

“The Ava and Sonny stuff, for a long time, was really so adversarial,” Maura West reminds Soap Opera Digest. “I mean, that’s putting it lightly! It was verbal assault, you know?

“And for good reason,” she adds with a laugh. “I get it.” (You’ll recall that the don wasn’t too happy that Ava plugged his lost love Connie.)

Now, however, Avery’s mom and dad have managed to put behind them the murder threats and outright hostility. “They have kind of an uneasy truce,” West calls it. “The deeds of the past are always there, but it’s so much more interesting [this way]. There’s a whole lot to play between these characters.”

Including chemistry. West and Maurice Benard have it in spades. And is it really any more unthinkable that Sonny would cheat on fiancée Nina with her bestie than it is to think that he’s sleep with son Morgan’s lover? Rhetorical question; it’s not any more unthinkable.

For the moment, Ava is altogether supportive of Nina and Sonny’s relationship. But if his cease-fire with his babymama accidentally lit a new flame… all bets would be off. Ava is, after all, not a character who is shy about going after what she wants. And if she decides that she wants Sonny — and thinks that she can get him — Nina could wind up with a rival who’s even more formidable than Carly!

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