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General Hospital: Tristan Rogers Drops Major Hint About [THIS] Fan Favorite’s Return

Sometimes, all it takes a teeny-tiny hint to set the speculation wheels in motion! Something similar has happened with General Hospital star, Tristan Rogers. The much adored actor portrays the character of Robert Scorpio on the ABC soap. Currently, he is involved in a major storyline with his ex-wife, Anna Devane, in the center of it. However, the actor’s latest social media activity has sparked a speculation about the return of another one of his ex-flame! But who? And how? Well, dive right in to find out!

General Hospital: Is Robert Scorpio About To Reunite With Holly?

On August 27, 2023, General Hospital star, Tristan Rogers, posted a rather telling picture on his social media account. The picture is a screen grab of a scene from General Hospital, where his character Robert is kissing the fan favorite Holly Sutton! However, Tristan did not write a caption with his picture. Thus, leaving the play field wide open for guessing games. The last time we saw Holly on GH, she basically gave George and Diane her blessings to start a new relationship. Then, she rode off into the sunset to start a new and safe life with her son, Ethan. Away from the dramatic world of Port Charles.

Back in May, 2023, it felt like it was the last time that we are seeing Holly on General Hospital. However, the makers have often used Holly’s exits as red herrings to make us feel like she won’t return. Even back in November, 2022, when Laura and Robert helped Holly escape Victor by faking her death. It felt like we had seen the last of her. Robert and Holly had shared a very emotional goodbye, but then she did return to rescue her son and help take down Victor Cassadine.

General Hospital
GH/ Robert and Holly say goodbye

Thus, it is not impossible to see the phenomenal Emma Samms return for yet another stint as Holly on General Hospital. In fact, her return could be right when Robert and Diane finally do decide to take their relationship forward. Holly’s return would certainly throe a wrench in it. Especially since Robert will always have those special feelings for Holly! However, whether Emma Samms really returns or not, still remains to be seen. As neither the production nor the actors have made any statements regarding it.

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