Days Of Our Lives

Chloe Questions the Paternity of Sarah’s Baby Then Receives a Gobsmacking Visitor — While Sarah Has Something to Tell Xander

As Maggie reads condolence cards at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah says she saw Xander and lied about Rex being the father of her baby. She also accepted Rex’s marriage proposal. Citing his cheating, Maggie refuses to give her blessing. Besides, Xander deserves to know the truth. Sarah doesn’t think he deserves anything from her after what he did. Maggie wonders if Sarah can really live with lying to her child. Sarah knows Maggie wants her and Xander together, but it’s not possible for her — or Xander since he proposed to Chloe.

Wearing overalls, Sarah sits on the couch with Maggie. She grins at the card in Maggie's hands.

Maggie calls that a rebound because Sarah is the only woman for him. Sarah doesn’t think he’s capable of that kind of loyalty. Defending Xander, Maggie says they’re wasting precious time. She just lost the love of her life, and she doesn’t want Sarah to lose hers. Sarah can’t be tied to Xander forever because he’s two different people: super loving and downright scary. She’d never know who she’d get, nor would their child. So, she’s marrying Rex. Maggie asks if she loves Rex the way she loved Xander. “Not yet,” she says. “But I will.”

Xander and Chloe face each other with goofy grins while holding hands.

Chloe comes home to Xander preparing haggis for their engagement lunch. She pulls a face. His mum only made it on special occasions, he explains. Chloe feigns interest, but she needs to tell him something first. She saw Henderson at the grocery store, and he told her Sarah’s pregnant. Xander already knows. Assuming he’s the father, Chloe can’t believe he didn’t tell her. Xander states that Rex is the father. Chloe thinks Sarah could be lying because it sounds like she’s in her final trimester. Xander explains Sarah slept with Rex right before she left Salem, which appeases her . He assures Chloe she is the woman he wants to be with. “Now, let’s tuck into that haggis,” he says, walking to the kitchen. Chloe cringes.

Later, as Xander enjoys his meal, he notices Chloe just picking at hers. She doesn’t think Scottish cuisine is her thing. He calls it an acquired taste. She vows to work on it while he’s visiting Maggie. He kisses her goodbye before leaving.

Xander leans over to kiss Chloe at their dining table. A plate of food and glass of wine sits in front of her.

At the hospital, Melinda warns Sloan that she could lose Eric if she tells him Nicole’s pregnant with his baby — especially now that she’s also not pregnant. Sloan hates it, but admits Melinda is right. She knows Eric would never forgive her, and without a baby, there’s no reason for him to stay with her. Not only will she be childless, Melinda says, but single. But he won’t find out if Sloan keeps her mouth shut. Sloan wonders if Melinda will keep blackmailing her. Melinda promises she’s there as her friend. She won’t use what she knows against her.

Melinda hates that EJ has wiggled out of paying for his crimes, but takes solace in him finding out about this someday. Then he’ll suffer in ways the legal system could only dream of — all thanks to Sloan. “Good for me,” Sloan deadpans. She recounts trying to tell Eric about Nicole’s baby. All he knows so far is that she’s worried he’ll leave her over what she’s done. She doesn’t know what she’ll tell him now. Lucky for her, Melinda knows exactly what she can say.

At Sloan's bedside, Melinda gapes with a furrowed brow. Sloan stares impassively.

In the lobby, Nicole overhears Eric telling Roman over the phone that they lost the baby. She approaches him with tears in her eyes. She calls it unfair because she knows how much he wants a child. He’d make such a wonderful father. She offers to listen if he ever needs someone to talk to. An emotional Eric notices her engagement ring. Nicole tells him she and EJ are getting married as soon as possible. He wishes them the best. Nicole, in turn, hopes he and Sloan can work through this. Eric leaves to check on her.

A scowling Nicole juts her chin at Melinda. Melinda leans back with raised hands.

In Sloan’s room, she tells Eric what she was going to confess before she lost the baby. She felt something was wrong, but convinced herself everything was fine and didn’t call the doctor. If she had, she might not have lost the baby. They may never have a baby, and it’s all her fault. Eric urges her not to give up hope. He uses Nicole as an example and sends along her sympathies.

Kate bursts into the Pub with baby shower supplies, but Roman breaks the news to her. She’s appropriately devastated for Eric, then relays that she told Philip about Victor. Now, he wants to come home. They worry he’ll be arrested if he does.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander and Maggie solemnly discuss Victor. Sarah appears and asks if she can talk to Xander. Maggie tells him not to be a stranger before leaving them alone. “So,” Xander sighs. “What was it you didn’t say yesterday?”

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