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Days of Our Lives: Eric Struggles To Handle Sloan’s FAKE PREGNANCY

In the thrilling world of Days of Our Lives, deception is something that happens on a regular basis. Often adding a layer of complication to on-going storylines. But it also does wonders in keeping the narrative interesting and unpredictable. One of the characters that has become almost synonyms with trickery and duplicity is, Sloan Petersen. From switching Eric’s DNA sample to rigging EJ’s reports, she has done everything in her power to keep Eric and Nicole as far from each other as possible. Recently, she received a pleasant surprise when she found out that she’s pregnant with Eric’s baby. But will this happiness last? Or her previous treacheries corner her for payback? Find out below!

Sloan Decides To Come Clean To Eric

Sloan is sitting on a rather large pile of secrets on Days of Our Lives. Secrets that have the capacity to completely blow-up her relationship with Eric Brady. A relationship that she has literally bend over backwards to create. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that their story may get cut-short soon, for one reason or the other. Previously, Sloan made a huge blunder when she confided into Melinda about the switcheroo she pulled with Eric and EJ’s DNA sample and report respectively.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Sloan decides to confess the DNA swab switch

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Melinda will blackmail Sloan into taking Li Shin as her client or she will expose her truth to Eric. Sloan being Sloan, will tell Melinda off and decide to confess to Eric the truth herself. However, in a twist of fate, just as Sloan will start experiencing wild cramps right before telling Eric that he actually might be Nicole’s baby-daddy. Thus, the tea will have to remain in the cup for a little while longer! But will a “little while longer” get a bit too late? Especially in the light of what’s to come? Well, keep reading to find out!

Eric Learns Startling Baby News on Days of Our Lives

Unable to bear the excruciating cramps Sloan will nearly collapse on Days of Our Lives. A scared Eric will then rush her to the hospital, where Kayla will advise them an ultrasound to check if everything is okay with Sloan and the baby. DOOL spoilers hint that this when Eric will find out some updates from Kayla that will pull the ground from under his feet. But what could be so startling? There is a possibility that Kayla will inform the couple that Sloan is NOT pregnant! The couple has taken a home pregnancy test and there have been instances when such kits have given false positive results.

DOOL/ Eric (temporarily played by Jason Gerhardt) finds out his baby’s fate

If that’s the case, then the news will hit Eric like a bullet train on Days of Our Lives. The man has literally been dreaming about being a father for the better part of his life. But then there also is a much darker possibility. Perhaps Sloan really is pregnant or rather, was pregnant. The cramps she experiences could be due to a sudden miscarriage. That would be absolutely devastating for both of them, should the makers choose this route.

However, if this happens, Sloan may decide to keep Nicole’s baby’s paternity a secret forever. Because if she can’t give Eric a baby, it is highly unlikely that she would let Eric go to Nicole and have a family with her. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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