LPBW: Is Matt Happy With His Engagement With Caryn?

LPBW: Is Matt Happy With His Engagement With Caryn?

LPBW star Matt Roloff is in a completely new phase in his life. He renounced his marriage with Amy and later announced his relationship with Caryn in 2017. Since then, his girlfriend (now fiancee) has been an integral part of the family and played an important role in the family feud as well.

As per the current scenario, Matt and Caryn are finally engaged and have taken another step toward their happily ever after. But how is their engagement going these days? Are they happy? To know what Matt has to say about this, keep on reading.

LPBW: Matt Shares Insights Of His Engagement With Caryn! Not Working Out?

LPBW viewers saw Matt and Caryn’s engagement coming way back. Though they seemed content in staying as boyfriend and girlfriend, fans knew they would soon walk down the aisle together. Recently, Matt took to Instagram and posted a picture with his “fiancee,” Caryn.

The latter proudly flaunted her diamond ring as the couple grinned at the camera. As per the reports, the patriarch is now busy building his “dream house” and will exchange vows in 2024. Amidst everything happening, fans are now curious about the newly engaged couple’s current state and whether they are happy together or not.


Matt recently shared a carousel of pictures on social media and gave his fans some life updates. He revealed that lately, he has been a bit “busy” with his son Jacob and their new ventures. On the other hand, the LPBW star is also constructing his house and keeping up with his grandkids.

Amid all this, Matt revealed that he has been “enjoying” his engagement and the “time” he spends with Caryn. Hence, it seems that the couple is happy together and is looking forward to their “happily ever after.” The patriarch even teased her followers in the comments. Roloff claimed that his fans asked him to “put a ring on her,” so he did it!

LPBW: Will Caryn Become More Authoritative & Dominant After Marriage?

It is a known fact that Caryn Chandler has not been a likable cast member in the LPBW series. Several Amy and Matt shippers accused her of being the reason for their divorce. Though she has been the latter’s girlfriend for about six years now, most of the Roloff kids still don’t consider her to be a part of the family.

Apparently, Caryn’s involvement in the family feud was the core reason she received backlash from the TLC viewers. The majority of the viewers believed that Caryn used to influence most of Matt’s decisions.

Little People Big World

Many fan theories even claim that Caryn was the core reason for the family feud and is responsible for Matt’s estranged relationship with his sons now. Viewers have often perceived the LPBW star as dominant and authoritative, despite not being officially affiliated with the Roloffs.

Hence, now she is about to walk down the aisle with Matt and will come with legal rights to become a member of the Roloff family. Now, LPBW viewers have started to wonder if Caryn would change now and would become more dominant! What do you think so? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW tea.

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