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Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings: Serena Scott Thomas Joins The Cast, Are We About To Meet Xander’s Mom?

The latest edition of Days of Our Lives comings and goings reveal that the popular Peacock soap is getting a new cast member! The DOOL official Instagram account just made the bog announcement in an interest piquing fashion.

The DOOL account posted a picture of actress Serena Scott Thomas peeking from behind a wall. Alongside the picture they wrote a caption asking , “Any guesses who her character might be?!” Days of Our Lives comings and goings suggest that although the makers are keeping a tight lid on the details, some intel may have slipped through the cracks!

There is a huge chance that Serena has been cast to play Xander’s Cook’s mother! Interestingly, Xandy’s dandy portrayer- Paul Telfer follows Serena Scott Thomas on Instagram. Which means the two must have definitely interacted on the sets. Perhaps, even filmed secenes together.

Do you see how those dots connect? Days of Our Lives comings and goings, and other spoilers recall that previously there has been some mentions of Xander’s mystery mom. And we know that sometime down the line the mystery about Xander being Victor Kiriakis’ son has to unravel. And who better to blow that secret that his mother herself!

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Xander
DOOL/ Is Xander about to reunited with his mom?

She might eventually reveal that the letter that was found in Victor’s briefcase (the one Theresa and Konstantin tampered with) was actually written by her. And not by Anjelica Deveraux, as previously assumed.

It would be quite nice to see Xander sharing some heartwarming scenes with his mother. Days of Our Lives comings and goings, and other spoilers recall that Xander and Sarah will decide to remarry sometime down the line. So, Xander’s mom coming in at this point would also give her a chance to attend her son’s wedding.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Sarah - Xander
DOOL/ Will Xander’s mom play a part in him and Sarah getting remarried?

In fact, she might even end up being the force that pushes for the remarriage in the first place! Well, we are getting quite excited for this storyline to unravel. What do you say? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more Days of Our Lives comings and goings.

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