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Kristen Visits Wendy While Digging Into Li’s Murder — and Everett’s Behavior Confounds Stephanie

Today on Days of Our Lives, Everett’s behavior thrills Jada but confuses Stephanie, Kristen targets the Shins, Tripp surprises Wendy, and Ava and Harris search the Bistro.

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As Roman hangs a help wanted sign in the Pub window, Harris approaches. He’s hoping Roman will change his mind about letting Ava stay there with him. Roman agrees to it, but only if it’s temporary.

At their apartment, Ava makes coffee for Wendy and Tripp. She offers to make breakfast since she’s staying longer than expected. Through forced teeth, Wendy plays nice about her staying. Ava sets the table for breakfast, but Tripp and Wendy have plans to meet Stephanie. After Ava leaves to apartment hunt, Tripp thanks Wendy for being cool about his mom. Wendy says she understands, but decides to stay home from meeting Stephanie.

In the DiMera mansion, Kristen and Stefan discuss their plan to prove that Gabi didn’t kill Li, and put Kristen in charge of DiMera Enterprises. Kristen wonders who’d want Li dead. Though he did, Stefan didn’t kill him, and his P.I.s can’t figure it out, so how is Kristen going to? Kristen calls herself a shark. If there is one little drop of blood in the water, she’ll sense it a mile away.

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In the DiMera living room, a stonefaced Stefan regards Kristen. She looks downward with a light smirk.

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In his Salem Inn room, Everett sips brown liquor and studies Robert Stein’s signature on the divorce papers. He shifts in his chair, and his expression darkens. He throws the papers to the ground.

Outside the Pub, Stephanie tells Jada that Everett signed the divorce papers as Robert Stein. Jada celebrates as Everett saunters up. “Hey,” he coolly says to Jada. “Good to see you.” He offers Stephanie a dismissive “Hey” and refocuses on Jada. When he tells her he’s getting coffee, Jada predicts his order. “You remember,” he says, pleased. Jada asks for the divorce papers. He says he’ll get them to her and strolls into the Pub. Confused, Stephanie questions Everett’s behavior to Jada, who can only focus on the fact that he signed the papers. Tripp arrives, prompting Jada to go meet Rafe.

When Harris meets Ava in the Square, he tells her she can stay with him until she finds her own place. They decide eat at the Bistro so they can search for Clyde’s book.

Stefan comes to the re-opened Bistro, where Rafe waits at a table for Jada. Rafe warns Stefan to keep his nose clean because if he screws up again, he’ll be waiting for him. Later, Harris and Ava enter and chat with Rafe as Jada arrives. As the couples make small talk, the topic of Jada moving into Rafe’s house comes up. Ava snidely comments about how much she’ll love living there but warns her about the tricky stove.

At a Bistro table, Jada stands with her arm draped around a seated Rafe. The beam, looking offscreen.

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When Harris and Ava sit at another table, Harris asks his girlfriend not to push Jada’s buttons. Ava defensively retorts that Jada doesn’t think she’s good enough for him. Harris knows she’s perfect for him, and that’s all that matters. In fact, with Jada moving out, maybe Ava could move into her room above the Pub.

In the Pub, a wry Everett sits in front of his laptop, wondering what he should write about. Perhaps a story about Officer Goldman: cop by day, crook by night, living two separate lives. He decides to write a puff piece about Smith Island instead. As he types a headline, and his Everett Lynch byline, he pauses. His expression softens.

At a table in the Pub, Everett sits in front of his laptop with crossed arms. He contemplatively stares off with a tilted head and pursed lips.

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Stephanie and Tripp enter the Pub. Everett waves and says it’s good to see them. Stephanie says she just saw him outside. “Right,” he says. He asks Tripp if he and Wendy would be up for an article about their experience. Tripp declines. Stephanie glares at Everett as she sits at a table with her brother.

Kristen comes to see Wendy at her apartment. She’s been talking to Wei about business and knows he’s heartbroken about Li. Which is why she’s there. Kristen suggests they set up a scholarship at Salem U in Li’s honor. While generous, Wendy wonders why she’d do that. Kristen says it’s the least the company can do considering their long-standing relationship with Wei. Wendy thinks her parents would appreciate that. Kristen sits, making herself comfortable. “Mind if I take a seat?”

Wendy warily stares open-mouthed at Kristen

At the Pub, Tripp expresses his concern for Wendy, who’s not quite herself. Stephanie is worried about him. Tripp admits he’s struggling after the ordeal in the beer tank as well. But he’s more worried about Wendy, who feels guilty about being away from her parents. Stephanie suggests they take a serious break from Salem for a while.

As Harris and Ava eat at the Bistro, Harris gets up to covertly search. Stefan approaches Ava, who tells him the crab cakes are dry. Across the room, Rafe eyes them. Jada excitedly tells her beau that Bobby finally signed the divorce papers. She can’t wait to file them and get that creep out of her life for good.

At Wendy’s apartment, Kristen asks if it’s hard living where Li was killed. An emotional Wendy recounts that he actually died at the hospital. Kristen notes Li never got justice. Wendy reminds her that Gabi is still in prison. She recalls finding Gabi leaning over Li’s body with a knife. If not her, who killed him? Kristen pretends she’s late for something and leaves. Wendy double-locks the door behind her and cries.

When Tripp comes home, Wendy has to unchain the lock on the door to let him in. After talking with her father, she tells Tripp she never heard him cry growing up, but now he’s crying all the time. Her mom, too. Tripp holds up his phone to show her the tickets to Hong Kong he bought for them. This means the world to Wendy. “You mean the world to me,” Tripp responds.

Standing behind her, Tripp looks over Wendy's shoulder. She weepily stares at her phone

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As Stephanie gets up to leave the Pub, she confronts Everett about his change in behavior. He suggests he was just distracted earlier and leaves. Stephanie gapes.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen talks with Wei on the phone. She tells him of the scholarship she and Wendy planned to honor Li’s legacy.

In his Salem Inn room, Everett stares with narrowed eyes and a light smirk

After unsuccessfully searching the public areas of the Bistro, Harris and Ava deduce breaking in to more thoroughly search is their only option.

When Everett returns to his Salem Inn room, Jada and Rafe knock on his door. They want the divorce papers. With a cool, unbothered demeanor, Everett looks Jada over, and hands them over. Jada checks for the signature and says she’ll have them filed right away. After they leave, Everett looks at his and Jada’s engagement photo on his phone. He stares off with a menacing expression.

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