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And They Thought *Jordan* Was Trouble! Young & Restless’ Tara Is Primed for a Comeback

It always seemed weird to us that pretty much everybody on The Young and the Restless gets away with murder and yet serves little to no prison time… except for Tara Locke. When Harrison’s mother was sent up the river, she never came back down — but she should.

For a hot minute, maybe Tara would have looked at the mess that she’d made of her life and been like, “OK, my baby boy is better off with Kyle and Summer.” But in the wake of Harrison’s kidnapping, no way could she think that!

So finally reinvigorated, Ashland’s ex pulls some strings — the rich always have ’em! — and plays a Get Out of Jail Free card. Next, she makes tracks back to Genoa City to reclaim her son in an epic custody battle and seek revenge on Phyllis, whose gloating Tara’s downfall she can still hear ringing in her ears.

Maybe to transform Tara into the formidable foe for Phyllis that she really needs to be, the role will need to be recast. Not a problem as there are some genuine powerhouses out there, from Sarah Joy Brown (ex-Carly/Claudia, General Hospital) to Krista Allen (ex-Taylor, Bold & Beautiful).

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In her free time, the vixen could shake up a few relationships in Genoa City, flirting with Billy and reawakening Chelsea’s dark side, batting her eyelashes at Tucker and further complicating Ashley’s alters’ bonkers plot, and “befriending” Danny just to get under Phyllis’ skin. She could even take advantage of Chance’s sympathetic nature to try to get him on her side.

But Tara’s coup de grâce would be seducing Nate. Not only would the handsome exec be catnip to her, he’d be a potential door opener at C-W, where she could clash on the regular with Phyllis. And Lily might appreciate having someone around to keep an eye on the redhead whose son she just canned.

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