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Heart Breaking News: ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Crushes Fan’s Dream with New Airbnb!

Christine Brown has been focusing on her Moab Airbnb lately. Sister Wives fans are well aware of her love for decorating her home with unique interior ideas. She largely focused on household responsibility while being married to Kody Brown. The TLC star spent all her time managing her kids and taking care of domestic needs. She was also a brilliant cook who loved feeding her family with delicious meals.

It was one of the reasons she started her Cook With Christine show. Fans loved to watch her new recipes in her unique style.

Christine has been busy building a beautiful life with her new husband, David Woolley. Moreover, the pair have started an Airbnb to give their fans an incredible experience. Now, the former has been showing off the new additions to her Airbnb.

Sister Wives: Christine Shows Off Her Exceptional Interior Designing Skills At Her Moab Airbnb!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making huge efforts to decorate her Moab Airbnb. She has been having a lovely time with her new husband, David Woolley. The pair makes sure to make every moment extra special with their uniqueness and love for each other. They have been working hard to promote their Bread & Breakfast in the past few weeks.

Fans have also been noticing big changes in Christine Brown lately. She has been fully engrossed in decorating her Moab home for the visitors. The TLC star has been sharing several posts to show off her exceptional interior design skills. Recently, she uploaded a video of herself giving the finishing touches to her rental property for the guests.

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Christine was hanging the paintings, putting the flowers on the vase, and setting up the crockery in the kitchen for the guests. She wrote, “June is a stunning time to visit Moab, and hey, I know a place where you can stay!!” Christine went ahead to encourage her followers to choose their Airbnb for a beautiful retreat to rest and feel right at home.

Moreover, fans could easily spot the changes in the rental property, as it started looking much better than before. Christine has changed the dark, gloomy interiors to light, refreshing colors for summer. Brown also offered huge discounts to her followers after making the major upgrades for the upcoming months.

Sister Wives: Christine Pays Emotional Tribute To Garrison Brown!

Christine often shares her emotions since losing Garrison Brown. She has been sharing his favorite things and cherishing everything he loved when he was alive. She recently informed her fans about a new backyard memorial for her son. The celeb posted a video of herself while showing off the new Sedona Midnight tree in the backyard.

Sister Wives

The TLC star wrote, “Our Backyard! Almost done!” on the story. Moreover, she introduced the planter boxes to her backyard. Further, Christine shared how she was telling David about Garrison’s efforts in making the planter boxes for Truely. So, her husband gave her the idea to keep them in their backyard as a memory of him. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more such updates on Christine Brown and her ways to remember Garrison.

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